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    This is my first post but I wanted to ask people this question. After a MC when did people feel they had the strength to try again. I am a mum of four and am 38 years old. I didnt really want to extend our family but fell pregnant and had huge concerns about having a healthy baby. We booked an early dating scan and once we seen the babe on the screen fell in love straight away. Then we booked pre natal screen tests and when we went to Rotunda for test at 10 weeks we were told the foetus hadnt developed past 6 weeks.
    I chose to have a natural mc two weeks ago. But now I have realised we really did want that 5th baby. We are very lucky, we have the spare room and 2 good incomes into the house. But now we have decided that we want a number 5, time is not on our side (38 and ticking). But I really dont think I could face another mc. How long did people wait before trying again and had you got successful pregnancy or not and was anyone as old a me?



    So sorry to hear of your loss.

    I think when to try again is a very personal choice, some people decide to try straight away and others decide to wait a while. After my loss the doctor said to wait one cycle but that was just so they would be able to date pregnancy properly. My acupuncturist advised me to wait a couple of cycles just so my body could build its self up again.

    I suppose the answer is whenever you feel ready to. Good luck with your decision


    Thanks Maria,

    I have made my mind up I definately want another baby (greedy me !!) and but I have a fear in the back of my mind what if my MC was age related? I would find it heart breaking to go through that again.
    Does your body, just click back into rythem that quickly? Anyone out there got pregnant quickly after a mc and had a healthy pregnancy?


    Snowdrop sorry to hear about your loss, as Maria said its very personal when to try again….

    Im my own case i was unsure like yourself, i got to talk to a lovely doctor in OLOL who spoke alot of common sense. She told me if you body had gone 10 weeks (even in a mmc like you and I) it had 10 weeks of pregnancy hormones etc… she told me to take evening primrose oil to bring my hormones back on track, she said they like you to wait one cycle to make dating easier, but her on a personal level would recommend waiting the time the pregnancy failed at ie in my case 10 weeks, just to let the hormones level out and give a second pregnancy a good fighting chance

    Two of my neighbours had babies a few years ago one 43 the other 46 and a friend of mines cousin had a baby 9 weeks ago 52!!! 😯 So you are a spring chicken compared 😆 😆 😆
    Dont think mc’s are age related…. it happens to teenagers too. Try the EPO and if your a coffee drinker cut that out (3 cups a day can increse you mc chances but 40% 😯 )
    Best of luck and keep us posted xxxxxx


    Thanks Taylor,
    I laughed out loud as being referred to as a spring chicken. Normally the words " I’m/your no…"come before those when talking about myself.

    But what is EPO?


    Evening primrose oil brilliant for the hormones to balance out… i was told a vit b complex too and to cut the coffee out, decaffe and herbal teas
    Look around 38 is young nowdays…. im 37 and thats what im telling myself 😆 😆 😆


    On pregnaplan already and just checked it has evening primrose oil in there. So now i need to cut out the cuppa tea and my morning latte.

    Your right the 30’s are the new 20’s!!!! Dont know now maybe I’m to young to tie myself down with a baby (even if it is #5) 😆 😆

    Thanks for your advise and good humour.


    I think if you feel ready to try, then start trying!

    why are you cutting out the tea and morning latte??? I thought you could have a coffee or two a day before & during pg?

    also, what is pregnaplan and what does it do? I am so clueless about this type of thing….

    we have 3 children and thought we were done but then we lost one in the summer and now feel a bit confused about whether or not to try again??


    Sabbi have a read of this… i was recommended by my gp to cut caffine out 100%

    http://articles.sfgate.com/2008-01-21/n … i-caffeine

    Mark Acu

    Hi Snowdrop am really sorry to hear your news.

    This is a subject which unfortunately I deal wit most days in the clinic and the message that I keep giving out is to listen to your body. You know it best and the best time to try again is when you feel that it is time to try again.

    From a age related and menstrual cycle aspect your best form of insurance is to try and get your cycles as regular as possible and have all the signs present when you need them to be on your cycle. There are lots of ways of helping this and its not something that usually takes too long. You have a major advantage in that you have had successful pregnancy’s previously.

    There are sooooo many studies out there giving advise on what you need to do what you don’t need to do, again tune into what you feel mentally and physically. Listen to your inner voice, its always right, for you.

    Please feel free to call me or e mail me if you would like any more information

    Take care

    Mark Bell


    Hi Sabbi,

    Taylor told me about the caffine article and pregnaplan is a supplement to help build you up for trying to conceive. But my doctor (Patrick Tunney;Mount Carmel) recommended it after my MC to help build me back up. Seems to have done the job physically anyway.


    I have heard of that doctor, all very good reports…. you do need to build yourself back up, mc does take its toll on your system. I got the flu and Bells palsy in the few weeks after mine.
    Keep taking those tablets and enjoy trying for no5 😉 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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