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    Due first baby in July, will have to return to work in Jan, when is the best time to start looking for childminder/creche. Living in dunleer work in Drogheda.

    super minder

    soon after he/she is born because you want to build a bond with your childminder. dont just settle for the first one look around and see if your happy . get ref and make sure the child minder is with eirther childminders ireland or louth childcare committee.
    anita in lccc has a list of childminders like me .

    good luck such a wonderful time for you and your family xxx


    Hi Kerrymum,

    Congrats on the new of new baby. Youcould start early to give yourself the time to adjust to your baby been minded, getting to know the minder and the minder getting to know your routine. Louth and Meath County Childcare Committee have a list of minders that are registered with them and have all their training in childminding up to date just like me. Good luck with everything.

    Olivia 😀


    hi kerrymum,congrats about your baby.its a lovely time to have your baby,will be hardy by wintertime.anyway getting on to finding a minder.put the word out after baby is born and you will hear of someone who may just suit what your looking for.i dont agree that you have to find a registered minder or a notified childminder to find someone to look after your baby.if you find the right person whom you are happy with thats what counts.you will know by a person if they are genuinly into minding your child,they dont need to have courses done.yes it would help them but it wont make them any less capable of minding your child.i had a wonderful minder who treated my kids like her own,they loved her and it was easy to see that she loved them too.she still minds them from time to time and the excitement in the house when they know she’s coming up is great.more power to all the registered and notified childminders doing a great job and its great that they are always bettering themsevles but the minders who have not done any courses are as wonderful too.anyone who cares for children is in my opinion doing the most important job in the world.best of look whoever you find.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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