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    Its coming down hard again here; we woke up to a fresh batch of snow this morning, so its very deep here now.

    We got out yesterday and got some groceries and hope to be able to get out and pick up our turkey tomorrow….fingers crossed as its so bad here today.

    They said on the news yesterday it was going to stop snowing but no sign of that here!!

    Feel like we are living in a different country, it does not look like Ireland, never seen so much snow.

    Hope it settles by St Stephen’s day, having a family get together….we hope!


    We made it out of Mornington into Drogheda town this morning for a hospital appointment…took a taxi as we just didn’t trust driving ourselves, not knowing what the road conditions would be like. Coast Road and Marsh Road were surprisingly good, thanks to the sun thawing everything a bit. Got our last bits and bobs for dinner at M&S, until the crowds starting piling in and we decided to skip Scotch Hall. Terrible to see that Aer Lingus has had to cancel their flights after 4 PM today, as if things weren’t bad enough for air travellers. Thankful that we have nowhere to go this year, only agenda is to keep these twins inside for another 2 weeks until due date…I’ve had civil defence on speed dial for the last few weeks! 😆

    Hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas!


    The snow is hitting Skerries down towards Wicklow, Dublin is getting hammered with really heavy snow up to 20cm onto whats already on the ground!!! 😯
    It very upsetting to see the reports from the Airport, alot of lonely people this xmas

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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