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    Just curious as to when naps stop or when you stopped naps. My little man is 2 and 1 month…..not a great night sleeper at all, never was….but he loves his naps during the day. Our little girl stopped her naps when she was 18 months when ds arrived. Anyway, its got to the stage where he is awake each night WIDE AWAKE and keeping us up :shock: So we have gone cold turkey on the naps, stopped them completely since Saturday….we have had various degrees of success with last being the worst…was awake from 1.20am to 2.15am and then fully awake at 6.30am….Needless to say he was like a briar all day but i wouldnt allow him to nap….painting , reading, playing , walks in buggy everything to keep him awake….heres hoping he sleeps tonight but just wondering when did you stop the naps :D


    Our LO grew out of it around 2.5 years. She was often wide awake at night when it was bedtime so we stopped the daytime naps and she settled into a better bedtime routine fairly quickly.

    She has the odd day now where she will fall asleep in the car for a while but she does not really nap at home anymore. If we catch her asleep, unless she is not well, we try to wake her up!

    Good luck, it takes a while but hopefully he’ll be grand soon and you’ll all be enjoyingfull nights of sleep!


    it can be hard getting themto not have naps, and then the opposite when they don’t sleep at night, i found ds 2 loves his bed and wakes at night we just settle him down, hegets up has a chat and then heads back to bed, think he thinks he’ll miss something….

    but he has his afternoon nap, otherwise he’s winging all day…

    ds1 had his naps even still, i find with scholl he’s just gone 5 he’s tired and will crash out on the couch, where before he would go to bed for a nap….but now just leave him to chill out and if he’s tired he tells me he’s resting his eyes… sometimes even a power nap….but i do find that if he has a power nap he does take awhile to go asleep at night, so we have our routine of dinner, play, bath and then story…then radio stories go on and he lies listening to stories then falls asleep…..

    best of luck, most of the time it’s trial and error…but i know the hardest thing is being tired yourself as that can take it’s toll on you…best of luck…


    My ds1 will still have the odd nap he is 5, he comes in from school shattered, but as scole says its more of a chill on the sofa time, sometimes he nods off

    Ds2 who is 2 and 2months will still take a 2 to 3 hour nap during the day, he has started to mess at bedtime, his normal routine would be 8pm till 8am. We tried to cut his naps back to 1 hour but he isnt having any of it, he will have a little power nap on the sofa (somedays)
    But without his nap we have to have an extra early dinner as he could be in bed as early as 7pm!!!
    Its a hard one, you just need to read the child and do what you think suits him best…. i found with ds1 when i tried to cut his nap he was sleeping less at nightime
    Good luck and let me know how you get on


    my mother said i had long stopped my naps but when i started school had the chill/nap time on the sofa exactlly like scole & taylor’s sons so i kinda expect this when mine starts school
    DD1 stopped naps at 2yr 2months, will still have the odd nap in the car etc but has generally always been a good sleeper even though she only sleeps 7.30/8pm to 6-7am, she’s out cold for that time and rarely wakes at night.
    DD2 well that’s another kettle of fish altogether. She’s on one nap a day now for ages and will generally only nap for about an hour. She’s not a great sleeper though never has been, she will go down ok but generally wakes about 3/4am no matter what i do. We’ve had a good 5/6weeks now where’s she’s actually slept through so please god it continues BUT at the end of the day I rekcon she’s like her daddy and need littles sleep (unfortunately mammy needs loads!)
    There are children in the preschool room in dd’s creche that still take naps so all depends on the child


    my dds naps stops when she started walking the only time she would sleep during the day was when she was out in the stroller she was afraid she would miss something 😆


    Both of mine would have stopped their naps around the 2 year mark….
    but they are both up around 7.30am… and in bed by 8pm every night. DD will be asleep very quickly… but DS will take a bit longer….. he’ll "read" in his bed…. but would still be asleep around 8.30 ish….

    If they were to sleep or nap at all during the day, I wouldn’t get them to sleep at night. And I keep this routine up over weekends too…. I actually dread it if they drop off during the day… it would normally only happen if they were ill or coming down with something…..


    Well last night he fell asleep at 7.30pm. Woke at 12.53 and wanted to go downstairs…..roared the place down until 1.26am ….when he eventually roared himself to sleep – we checked he had his soother and was covered etc but left him to cry otherwise. He woke then at 8am. I really dont know what to do with him…he is sooo cross during the afternoon aswell but dh is adamant no naps and that the tiredness will catch up on him and he will EVENTUALLY have a full nights sleep 😀 I suppose i will just perservere for the time being with no naps during the day. He is a very strong willed little man but tiredness has to catch up on him at some stage 🙄 It definately has with his mother !! 🙄 😆


    Oh dear, poor you – they are as stubborn as mules when they want to be. I’m not getting much sleep lately either. We have all been sick over the christmas.

    My dd has a bad cold at the moment. So, last Sunday night, when she was burning up, I made the mistake of letting her into my bed. There she stayed for 3 nights. My dh moved out to the spare room and none of us got any sleep. Anyhow, now she refuses to go near her own bed – mammys bed is all she says. So, last night, I got tough. It took 1hr and 20mins to get her to actually lie down and go asleep in her own bed. 20 mins later, she was awake again – another hour and she finally went asleep. There she stayed until 6am and then quite happily got back into mammys bed.

    They say that it takes 3 days for a child to form a habit and 3 days for you to break it. I reckon this really depends on the child. Mine are both very stubborn and it takes at least a week to sort them if they start messing like this.


    ah mammycool i hear you- my dd2 19months has been sick and like that i took her into my bed with the poor dh being evicted. Again 3 nights of it and then she headed for my bed next night saying "night night" oh enough me thinks – thankfully i’ve managed to get her back into her own bed last 2 nights – took a bit of work to get her to go asleep there but thankfully she did stay asleep !!!!!!!!!!


    Beams i find if ds2 doesnt have a nap during the day he will wake just after 12 and be full of beans looking to get up… i think he thinks he is just after having a nap and sleeptime is over iykwim, its the only time he wakes at night.
    My mam is of the school the better a child naps the better they sleep at nightime, my two have always been great at naps and could count on one hand the nights they didnt sleep well (thank God) I know a few mums who’s kids never took naps and the had terrible nightime sleep routines…. its such a hard topic as kids develop habits and routines very quick


    Taylor, would you believe….the days we wouldnt give him naps he was up in the middle of the night and wide awake as you said, thinking his nap was over, and ready for downstairs 🙄 🙄 So now i am giving him a nap of just about 1 1/2 hours cut down from 2 hours…..and he has slept for the most part each night 😀 I think he was over tired and just wouldnt sleep. We just have to play this by ear ….if i think he is tired i will put him up for nap – if he has slept in late i wont put him up for formal nap but if he falls asleep in buggy or car i will let him snooze…..i really needed him to sleep last night cause i had a banging migraine and he did yippeeeee 😉


    Sympathise with the migraine. Yeuck!!!!

    My little fella’s 26 months & still needs a nap otherwise he is either a total briar or conks out at 5 or 6 on sofa. Neither good. What we found was to strictly limit the length & lateness of his naps. Generally our fella has a sleep of 30-45 minutes after lunch. That said, there are days he can’t be roused for well over an hour! It is tempting to let him sleep on if he is out for the count, but we pay for it later


    Better nap better night time sleep worked for me on dd1 no matter what we’ve tried i can’t get my minx(dd2) to sleep for more than an hour – she did off her own bat on Fri & Yesterday and had me up for 2hrs both nights wide awake – so back to hour nap for me! back to every child is different

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