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    Do you tell after before or after Xmas, and at what age/class? and How?
    Or do you just give hints and hope they’ll discover with class-mates?

    My daughter is in 3rd class, I’d like her that next year it’s her last Xmas. So she can go in 5th and 6th knowing.


    Awhhh i think its such a sad thing when santa claus doesnt exist anymore for kids so i think i’ll keep it going for as long as possible.I know my friend told her daughter in 6th class as all her friends knew & they were slagging her for still believing.

    When i do tell Hailey in years to come it will be in the january so she has one last big santa christmas before it is taken away from her 🙁


    That seems very young to tell her Fabienne..

    The way it was for me and others I know is that we found out ourselves from school and other friends.. our parents didn’t tell us. And thats what I would like for mine, have it for as long as possible!


    My dd is 11, in 5th class and last weekend she told me she knew about Santa and understands that she needs to let on for her younger cousins..

    I am devasted….

    Last Christmas she stayed away from visiting Santa and this year she will not be going with cousins..

    She told me that all her friends talk about getting things for Christmas rather than from Santa..


    Oooh…. I don’t want to have to tell mine…. and I’m sure they’ll find out in their own time… probably from classmates etc… I want the magic to carry on for as long as possible. I def won’t be telling them that early Fabs…. I’ll go with it for as long as we can…


    Oooh…. I don’t want to have to tell mine…. and I’m sure they’ll find out in their own time… probably from classmates etc… I want the magic to carry on for as long as possible. I def won’t be telling them that early Fabs…. I’ll go with it for as long as we can…

    I agree, when the magic is gone its gone, i hope mine are 18 before they find out 😆 😆 😆

    Fabienne why would you want to tell them? I dont understand!! Just let them figure it out for themselves, when they come to you asking, well then tell them the truth.
    My 11 year old nephew found out last year, he is in 1st year now and my sister is glad he knew before secondary school but she would never have told him, she was gutted that the magic was gone for him, he did promise not to say anything as he has a 9 year old brother


    For me I find that most girls will now have their first period in 4th or 5th class, major step towards teenage years.
    And beliving in Santa and been a young teenager seams to me clashing. It’s just me.
    Also they have cousins in France, and none of them (aged 6 to 12) belive in Santa as the magic over there is gone way way too soon (at about the equivalent of 1st class level). We might have to go in France for Xmas 2013, and it will be difficult to make all the cousins keep it for much longer, maybe it could be ok for 2013 but no more.

    Also my kids, I told them that Santa is not bringing toys this year (they don’t play much, otherwise they do drawing or play with computer, no backgarden and I’m scared of cars in the estate). So it will be difficult to get them presents, kind of sorted for this year (they want new school bag, and they’re asking for money, so have few little surprises but nothing with waohh factor at all), but definitly won’t be able to get ideas for many more Xmas.
    My daughter asked me if Santa can bring money, I told her yes, as she wants to save to buy her own poney when she’ll be 10 or 11. And no communion or confirmation, so no money so it’s the only chance for her to ask for money.
    I don’t know how it will go in school when she’ll tell her friends that her Santa is bringing her money.

    So I’m torn between 2 cultures, I love Xmas here and all the magic about it. REALLY LOVE it, but I don’t want them to jump straight from childwood to secondary school with no time in between to adjust to the changes to come.

    But I might change my mind and will want to keep it as long as possible.
    Anyway we have at least 2 whole Xmas before we take acrion or not.

    Just wanted to have as many opinions as possible.

    Thanks for replies, and please keep them coming.



    Definitely don’t tell them…it’s time enough 5 or 6th class is time enough…think they grew up wayy to young. Keep the magic there as long as possible


    Fabienne, each to their own! I know your caught between a rock and a hard place with the kids in France knowing the truth about Santa….. It might be normal for you but i will be honest (you know me, i say what i feel) Im horrified by your post!! I couldnt for a moment understand why a parent would tell a child their is NO SANTA!! I would and will try and perserve my childrens innocents for as many years as i can…
    Santa has brought many many things here over they years that were played with a handful of times and never again, but do you know what i would buy them a million times over for that few seconds and the joy in my childrens eyes when they open the living room door on christmas morning… Oh and its not all toys, santa brings pj’s, socks, vest, Clothes in this house (much to my husbands annoyance)
    I think you should wait a year or so, just let nature take its course. I know your saying you would like them to know before they start secondary school, you dont want to go from childhood innocence to teenage adults, but what your forgetting is that all their peers will be in the same boat.
    I feel like crying for your kids, please please think about it, please dont tell them… wait a while! Once you tell them you cant get that magic back, life is so hard for teenagers let them enjoy their childhood while they can


    Just an aside Fabs…. By telling them as young, they’ll be the ones "in the know" in their school…. and then you run the risk of them telling the other kids in their class, and spoiling it for a whole lot of other children and their families…. 🙁 I’ll be devastated if mine find out too soon…. 🙁 Even if you were to discuss your dilemma with your other family in France, and say that you live in Ireland now, and this is the culture…. would they respect the dream and help them to live it out a bit longer?


    I agree with Chewie….

    To tell them in my honest opinion is awful..I cant imagine being told that..there is bound to be something Santa can bring and you can give the cash as well..

    It devastates me to imagine dd thinking there is no Santa 🙁 and I think most mums here feel the same thats why you are getting kind of horrified replies..


    Our 9 year old has his suspicions now and its awful, I don’t want him not to know. He still believes but is wondering about the logistics of it all. Last year he was asking for proof of how Santa does it all in one night so we had him hooked up to Santa on google maps so he could seeSanta delivering the gifts online. Hopefully that will work again this year!!

    We have little ones here and want to keep the magic alive as much as possible for as long as we can. They’ll be teenagers soon enough!!


    Save Santa!!!!

    Yesterday my 3rd old asked her Daddy if there was such a thing as Santa. A few weeks back my 5 yr old said he did not think there was a Santa – today he is going mad to go to Scotch Hall.

    Someone is telling them something. So, tomorrow, they will be writing there letters to Santa and posting them. For those non believers write to:

    Santa Claus
    North Pole

    Make sure that you put your name and address on the top and put a 1cent stamp and do post it. Santa will send a reply through An Post – so they need your details to deliver it. They will be delighted when they get a reply.


    You dont need to put a stamp, ALL Santa North pole letters are replyed to if there is a return address…

    I have to say the Christmas tree in Scotch hall is just Massive, its Just Stunning well worth a look


    I agree with most of the mums here and i do understand your cultural dilema but i would never tell my little ones EVER ! Let them find out themselves from their friends when they get older – its a piece of magic that we want to cherish for as long as we can . There is a great free website your kids will love its http://www.portablenorthpole.com – you fill out some details about your child and then santy sends them a personalised email – its magic 😀 Our little ones have just written their letters today and have them on the hearth with cookies milk and carrot (for rudolph) for santy to collect tonight when they are asleep. I cant wait to see their faces in the morning when they see Santys email to each of them 😆 😆 that sort of thing is just priceless and long may it last 😀 😀

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