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    We are just meeting up early with Family for dinner — will be home by 9:00pm with Kids????


    I usually have a party but this year a few of us are going out to my brothers house for a party instead.


    off to fate in bettystown with the family first new years celebrated in years….


    went to FATE and what a disaster night really disapointed got our dinner at 11.50 after having arrived at 8.30 to be seated at 9pm was not seated until 10.10pm….disgusted cramped slow and a disapointment….left at 12.40am without an porder for desert been taken…..
    it was poorly managed poorly organised and what annoyed me most was that we had prebooked, given deposit and were even phone dthat afternoon to confirm our booking all seemed professional enough until we got there….
    today i’m sure they suffered a loss in drinks bills etc and the management are feeling sheepish…..
    food was nice but experience for new years one looking forward to for the past 2 weeks distroyed….

    so happy new year everyone hope ya’s had a better night then we did


    We use to always go out to the pub/ niteclub on NYE but since having the ds, we stay in but always invite friends with kids for a sleep over or something.

    Last night we actually went to a friends holiday home in Cavan. Kids were all in bed by 10pm & we got a take away Italian meal delivered to the house, had a few drinks & played Buzz on the PS2.

    Not very exciting but we had fun & i like having ds with me at 12 midnight even if he is asleep, i always go in to wish him a Happy new year.

    Don’t feel like im missing out on anything not going out as i did that for years.

    Just had a lovely big new years days with family & now just ready for a nap.

    So much more relaxing then Christmas.


    last few years if we go to l’pool for new years my sis in law has a party – was a quiet family affair this year with only 4 couples and the kids but good crack E was still up at 12 – was terrified she’d miss something if fell asleep! we left not long into the new year but was a nice evening all in!


    usually go out to the pub but this year i sat in with j and the bf, cooked a nce steak dinner and had champagne 🙂
    the boys played the wii and we just had a laugh, j didnt go to bed till after 1 am oops 🙂 but we all didnt get up till after half 12 the next day 🙂

    the night is sooo over rated anyway, only 1 of my mates went out.

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