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    hey girls

    came home from work early and my dh whos off for the week said he would hoover my car….so i take his car and head to the shops for some bits and bobs…when i came back i couldnt get into the house as i had his keys and he keeps his house and car key seperate…
    so im banging on the front door for him to let me in which took ages…

    finally when he does get down the stairs to let me in hes wearing a lovely lavander facemask i had bought myself a few weeks ago…
    like hello i didnt buy it for him….are all men so vain….its not like he pampers himself much or anything…he said he was bored cause he was home all day on his own…

    just thought it was funny that a mans man with a big goatie would shave it off and go for something so girlie…. :roll: :roll:

    men!!!!!and he then had the cheek to say i looked a bit orange(botch diy tan job)… :P :P :P :P


    thats classic 😆 😆

    they’re mostly big softies but won’t admit it. some evenings i sit with a hot water bottle in the living room and my hubby would be laughing at me but the minute I get up to leave the room, he’s sitting there with his feet wrapped around it. and if I take it to bed he tries to maneuvre it off me – but if I offer to make him one he says no, too manly for that 🙄


    lol that’s so funny…

    my dh has done fask masks before…think men need to have a me day every so often…. 😆


    what about when you come home and find them in a big girly, rosy smelling bubble bath….


    My bro got me a footspa one year for Christmas. Guess who mostly uses it – along with epsom salts when feet are tired & then I’m to dry his feet & clip his nails…. We haven’t got as far as the pink nail varnish yet though!


    classic i could just imagine coming home from work and find my dh with either a face mask or feet in a foot spa he would lose his life for being caught…. LOL mind you he does wear my pink flease bed soaks!!


    Is that all…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 as i was reading your post "dh came down the stairs wearing a lovely lavander……….. " i thought you were going to say floaty nighty (sorry my mind was running off with itself!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆
    The big girls blouse.

    i have lovely rose petal bubble bath, got it in Amber in the Laurances centre, its rose oil and i put it into the bath one night, dh was im not getting into that i will smell like a girl, well he got in and all evening was "oh that oil makes your skin so soft!!" 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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