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    Hi gang
    Im going to get everything for the baby this weekend and ive no idea where to start.
    Erm well like i said i dont know what else ive to get, i am such a mawla head in thispregnancy! :roll:
    I have the baby monitors and would like to get the one where you can see baby in cot on your downstairs tv.
    So any suggestions would be great of whats good to get and whats a waste of money. Im going to wait and get the cot after the baby arrives.


    Avent sterliser is brill!!! its a steamer and so easy and handy to use!!!!

    have u no firends you could borrow stuff off, lie boucer, moses basket etc seeing as the litte one will only be in it for a while.
    do not bother with a bottle warmer!!! its the greatest waste of money ever!!!!
    after that im clueless too, as taylor said in another thread maybe its time i had another one hahahaha as mine is nearly 7 🙂


    I have Moses basket. So tick that off! 😀

    Need to get:

    Dr. Brown Bottles
    Advent Steriliser


    car seat
    baby gros
    etc etc etc


    go to mothecare drogheda they have an evening talk with expectant mums etc……and taylor said before she got money off vouchers there well not that one but another mothercare when she was having ds….but advent sterliser great you can get a pack that has bottles in it…..don’t start worrying about the dr brown bottles, they won’t prevent a child from being windy they just help if a child is windy…..so the advent bottles are fine for the time being…..bottle warmers are a waste….the best thing to do is leave the feed at room teperature…..they do that in the hospital anyways….

    make bottles up as normal but you leave out in a cool area….not in direct sunlight….and use within 24hours it’s great you can bring up to bed with you and feed in middle of night without having to go downstairs and warm up……babies don’t really need hot bottles…my son always had his bottle at room temperature and he was fine…..it meant that we could go anywhere and not have to worry about getting bottle heated up…..we wer stuck in wales when he was 8 weeks old the boat wasn’t sailing and we only had enough feed until we got home, so we had to buy the cartons and feed on side of road but if we had to heat the bottles up we wuld’ve been screwed….

    buggy- wouldn’t really recommend the travel systems….they are in the car seat long enough without being paraded around for 3 hours in a shopping mall….it can also cause mis-shapen head…..my son ahd this but not from carry tot travel system we didn’t have one…..he just slept on one side…head fine now slightly out of shape but not like it was…..

    better off getting a buggy you can use from birth that folds like an umbrella gives more room in the boot…the car seat great to get one with a base so much handier and you can easly take seat in and out without having to battle with a seatbelt….and you know the seat is in safely too indicator on the side……the travel systems seem great but after about 6 months you change them for the umbrella style buggies…so why pay twice for the same thing really….

    deffo rear seat mirror for baby so you can keep an eye, NEVER put a child in the front seat as you want to have it near you if there is an airbag in the front p/seat unless you can deactivate it…..only some car models come with this function, most car dealerships will not deactivate the air bags in front seat as they cannot be reactivated later on….and they will not be held liable if accident accours…..
    so dangerous having them in the front they’d be killed by the blast of the airbag rather than the impact…..aswell as having them in the rear, make sure well this will depend on the carseat / carry tot but most will advise you leave the carry bar in postion rather than pushing back…..most say they push it back coz baby can’t see but really what can baby see a back seat,, reason why they advise to stay up infront in carry postion is so that if there was an impact the bar hits the back seat first rather than the child’s face….hence saving you baby’s life……

    bouncer, most go for the super dooper ones, but the old fashioned ones are the best where they have to actually move themselves in order to get movement rather than the ones with batteries and are handy….

    one thing i would reccomend when bab is older is the entertainers they are great…i had a loan of one from a friend it gives them time with head up and they use their muscles to kove their body and their legs to move in a circle around the activities…..and also you can stick in the kitchen or whereever and they are safe with the baby in it, but that’s when they’re about 6 or so months when they can hold up their own head and support themselves…..i had a loan of one from my friend it was fab….

    anyways sorry for the lecture and the long message hth and best of luck…


    Thanks a million girls i have printed everything off and will be hitting the shops tomorrow! Went down with dd today and ended up in eddie rockets YUM!!!!!!!


    i went to smyt#s the other day after being in mother#are they really have good value graco travel systems for 150 when i had ds 7 years ago they where 250 pounds !!! other baby stuff is quite reasonable alot cheaper than m#thercare


    Yeah go to the mothercare evening, they will have info in store and you get 10 or 20% discount card for 10 visits to the shop. I got carseats, cot buggies etc… using the discount.

    Scole you NEVER leave formula out at room temp for 24 hours 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 1 hour only out of the fridge and 24 hours if kept IN THE FRIDGE. Be very carefull with how you use and care for baby formula, there are many contraindications if used or stored wrong. Always read and follow the user guide on the side of the tin ❗


    well we used to do that with bab and he was fine…..or maybe that’s why he’s so nuts…..


    Defo go to Mothercare – they are very good. Kealy’s are very good as well

    Dr. Browns bottles are great but don’t buy the tall thin ones or you will be pulling your hair out getting them in the steriliser and your diaper bag

    Car seat – the britax first class si is very good and you can use from birth to 4yrs

    Buggy – I have a Phil and Teds (we did alot of research on buggies!) and it is the best thing. I have to walk into town as I don’t drive. The people at Kealy’s pointed out that rubber inflatable wheels are much better for that type of walking in terms of ease, durability and comfort for both the child and pusher. The other type of wheels are called shop wheels and wear out very quickly if you go beyond the smoothness shops and flat pavements. They are expensive but well made and can be easily turned into a double buggy when and if the need presents itself. I bought mine from http://www.groovystyle.co.uk because they had the best offer with the raincover, cocoon and cosy toe. It is also brillant for travelling. It can take up room in your boot but the wheels and the handle pop off and it lies very flat.

    I bought the fisher price aquarium bouncer after my parents got one for dd while were home. vibration, soothing music that won’t drive you nuts and rolling water sounds. Combine this with Baby Einstien’s Baby Mozart and you have heaven = a full cup of tea and a sambo 😆

    You can borrow ours if you like!

    Another great thing is the Blossom Farm Dillon’s Cot Show from the Early Learning Centre. Was our best friend at night and has a remote control as well!

    Oh and if you use formula do yourslef a HUGE favour and buy the ready made. It isn’t that much more expensive than the powder and makes life in those early weeks easier. We used both – dd had a severe reaction to the powder the 2 times we tried it while in Canada but what a ballache.

    Enjoy your shopping!! 😀 😀

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