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    Just wondering what everyone thinks of Valentines Day. Do you celebrate it, get each other a card, gift, go out for a meal.


    Its a bit silly really and quite a manufactured event when you stop and think about it.

    Though I must admit, I loved it when I was a teenager, was so excited to give and receive cards and novelty gifts, it was really fun back then.

    Ah but then married life came a calling and that was an end to all that 😆

    We don’t really celebrate it but we try to do something romantic often together – so I guess our idea is that we should not need to wait for an occasion such as Valentines day to give each other little gifts or do something nice for each other.

    With 3 kids and work and busy lives we could do with injecting a little romance more often. Romance does have to be shop bought. Coming home to a bubble bath while my husband takes the kids out so I can have an hours peace, is a lovely romantic gesture in my eyes.

    Wouldn’t say no a few flowers more regularly but would not want him to buy them on Valentines day, too expensive and often, not fresh either.


    For us, we always do something after Valentine’s as it’s our anniversary of when we got together, we also do our wedding anniversary in sept.
    It could be a take-away or eating out.
    No cards.

    I don’t Like Valentine’s as it’s a very sad day for all singles person, where espescially if your young and single, so much pressure.
    Years ago, was single and happy, went with my friend single as well to visit her sister (single as well!, all happy and single) doing a night shift at the hospital in the lab. And I’ll remember it as long as I live, I told her it must be a quiet / relaxing night. And she said it’s the worst night of the year to work in the lab as it’s the day with the highest rate of attempted suicide.
    Since that day, I always think of all the single persons who are not happy of been single and feel more pressure to be with someone.

    And why celebrate a special day the fact we found the loving partner.
    We don’t really celebrate the fact that we can be happy and single.



    Over rated

    We do cards not much else from the shops…. but i do a nice meal all the trimmings and a nice bottle of red wine for dh to enjoy


    We just do cards here too.

    Couldnt be bothered with the dozen red roses or anything else.

    I would rather get a bunch of flowers some other time of the year rather on a day Hallmark decided I should

    Financial Companion

    We just do cards here too.

    Couldnt be bothered with the dozen red roses or anything else.

    I would rather get a bunch of flowers some other time of the year rather on a day Hallmark decided I should

    Couldn’tagree more!!

    It’s very manufactured and commercialised these days. A simple bunch of lillies when there is no occasion whatsoever I think is much nicer 😉
    With so many deals on in restaurants in the current climate, choosing to go out on the night that prices will be increased is hard to justify if budgets are restricted as well.


    We swap cards

    I picked up some choclate heart lollpops in Tesco for the kids this morning, On sunday we will cook a nice meal as my niece’s birthday is on Monday and we are going to a tea- party

    I brought flowers in Alid last week and they will last through next week..
    Flowers, going out is always overpriced at this time.

    Its the small things that matter most…. Having a lie in, is worth its weight in gold…


    I got my fillet steak in the freezer, will take it out on Saturday and do dh’s fav dinner on Sunday…. i cant wait for ds1’s card, he let it slip he made a card in school, it better be for me 😆 😆 😆


    We willhave a nice indian with all the trimmings plus a bottle of red wine , dessert and a movie for the night 😀 We do get each other a pressie but just something small – dont bother with cards – dd and ds make cards 😆


    We do the card thing….but nothing else….we used to go for a meal, buy pressies…but don’t have the money now. The funny thing is, it’s actually nicer to just make the time, sit down to a take away, a few drinks and a chat! Hubby said to me today "lets make it a little bit special…lets eat at the table instead of in front of the telly"…..ah, who said romance is dead!!!!


    NO VALENTINES in my house this year, fuming with dh… i booked today to go for a run and a swim, we meet a few others for a run at 12
    I woke up to find him gone playing golf, he plays every saturday and has done for years, but Sundays he will always ask before he goes…. but not this week as he knew i’d remind him i had plans, instead i got a sly text at 10am saying playing golf back at 12.30… delayed our run, but he swanned in at 2.45!! 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

    Im fuming he can shove his valentines up his arse and i hope it has thorns 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    We just do cards now aswell, and I usually cook something nice or we will get a take away when the kiddies are in bed.

    But its time to take time out together and enjoy each others company..


    i retract my last post…. all is forgiven, God im easily won over….. we all have our price though, dont we? 🙄 🙄 🙄

    It is Valentines after all…. but the steak is staying in the freezer, he can order a takeaway in, have to make him sweat (for a few days) if not he will try it again


    Happy Valentines Day!!!

    Well I was awoken by a gorgeous breakfast complete with red roses and a voucher to redeem later for an all over body massage 😀 alongside a lovely bottle of massage oil..oh and did I mention the very saucy underwear set…

    Dh has arranged dd to stay over at a friends and I have seen some lovely steaks in the back of the fridge 😀



    You go girl xxxx

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