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    dd is a creche since she was 18 months she is 4 now and she just loves the girls there but i am taking her out in 3 weeks as she is starting school in september. i dont what to get to get the girls as a thank you present for everything they have done for dd and i any ideas would be welcome :idea: :?

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    hi nicky, my bf son and my daughter wer at montessori for a yr together and finished up in June. lots of parents got , wine, choc’s canldes nd there being at leats 6 girls we wanted something diff, that wouldnt break the bank but be meaningful!
    My Friend suggested a cake from Georges in the town Center! and it was so much apprecaited! the main owner of montessori was cryin, we had "thank you girls" and the kids names put on it! and it looked so stunning wit the choc swirls! really diff! they had it for tea break and were all thrilled!! and it was only 31 euro’s for a 10 inch but to be honest the cake when its decorated looks more like a 16inch one!
    so glad we went with the cake idea! it’ll be remembered!


    There is a pottery making section in PJ’s play centre in Balbriggan, if you want you could paint a mug, plate or egg cup with your LO for the teacher. You could put her name on it and on the underneath, your LO can sign her name.

    We painted an egg cup for my son’s montessori teacher, (he was with her for 2.5 years) and she loved it. It was something different from all the wine, chocs etc and something she can use and enjoy.

    The cake idea is a good one too 😀

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