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    i know most of us here wonder will i get just one day for me, or a night out with the other half….

    well i’d love a day for just me and dh but what to do….

    any suggestions? or what would you do on your day off so to speak….


    i would love to have a ‘day off’ and just stay in bed….catch up on some sleep, tele and whatever else i fancy 😉

    myself and hubby try and get out for a movie and some dinner on occasion and sometimes if we really lucky – like i was last year – we got away for a couple of nights to a fab hotel down the country for some R & R!!!

    other than that, i think that just spending time alone with dh will do me, even if it is just at home, watching tele or going to the movies….

    i think sometimes we forget that we need to spend time on our relationship as husband and wife and not just as parents to kids – we loose sight of this with all the hectic things that go on in our lives!

    so to answer your question, do anything with your hubby when you get a chance…doesn’t matter what it is, the fact that you make time for each other should suffice!!!


    Well as most of ye know Im a single parent but share the raising of J with his dad. I have every Friday off and every 3rd full weekend. Tend to just clean house, pamper myself, go shopping, meet friends etc

    Its hard to spend this time alone most of the time and I envy married/cohabiting people ALOT but sure we cant all have our cake and eat it.


    Yummy, I could give you a lend of my husband for a bit but you’d probably send him back fairly quickly 😀 😀 LOL

    A pamper day could be nice. I’ve often seen couples in spas together and I would like to do that with my other half but not sure if I could talk him into something that appears to be so girly.

    If you had a few quid to spend you could go to Kildare together. He could go to Mondello for race car driving and you get to browse in Kildare village and then stay over somewhere nice for dinner. Perhaps some nice wine and maybe a bath together and most importantly, an uninterrupted sleep….thats one of the best things you could get.

    Or even just a lazy day together locally. Lunch at a nice place maybe a glass of wine with it – something you wouldn’t do with the kids normally and then a walk on the beach and home for a snuggle together over a soppy DVD.

    Or you could try roller skating hand in hand LOL!!! Oh wait,you do that already!! 😀 😀


    Our New Years Resolution this year has been to try and set aside one evening a week for ourselves. This week its not working out but so far we’ve been managing it. With a Teenager, a 3 yrd old and an elderly parent living with us, sometimes just getting a chance to discuss normal stuff in private can be hard.

    So far this year, we’ve been to the pictures one night, spent another night sorting out our Back Hall, lol. We’re doing it up, so spent the night walking up and down it, trying to decide what we’re going to do with it, last week we just sat catching up on some of the tv shows we have recorded, was scared stiff going to bed after walking 3 episodes of Criminal Minds (I love it, especially Morgan, but it freaks me out).

    This week isn’t working out at all though. Himself was working late Monday night, I had a meeting last night and the night before. Tonight DD the elder is in a concert, so I’m taking Mum and tomorrow night we’re taking DD the elder to see We will rock you, so its a night out but not alone, lol.


    sparkly we do something similar but our dd’s are only 3 & 7months, we started it when dd1 was a baby – we wait on fri until she’s in bed before having dinner – generally we have something we don’t have when kids are around & we have a glass of wine and try to chat rather than watch tv! doesn’t always work out but most weeks we at least get the dinner in peace & glass of wine 😉


    I’m going to make you laugh.
    When we have a night out with dh, we love going to a pub (often hotel pub), then talk about things you don’t talk at home for a little while, then most of the time spent in pub :
    take the newspaper and read it. No more chat just take the time to look at newspaper.

    If I could for a day, I’d loved to go with dh to a six nations rugby game then pub.
    Went last year to Ireland/France game (thanks to George Hook), was fun, both french but dh supports french team, me I cheer the irish team (when cheer the irish team I do it in French!) I know the players more and most of them have blue eyes (you see them better on TV, but nice to be in the stadium).

    Might get a night out with dh in few weeks (in-laws coming), can’t wait to read newspaper!

    Talk soon,


    Fabienne that would be a dream date for me too… thats one of the reasons im not going to off the rails… 6 nations starts that day 😳 Sorry girls Rugby before fashion…

    Dream daywith dh…. (all this in a hotel…. no swimming pool at home 🙄 )
    Well would love to start the day with some nice dh and me time 😉 my favourite time of the day but that all kinda went out the window when kids arrived… a full Irish (breakfast) then a round of Golf …… then a light lunch followed by a nice relaxing swim, bit of flirting and talking dirty ( other then dirty nappys 🙄 🙄 ) nice evening meal few drinks and off to bed early for more dh and me time 😉 😉 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I dont get out often 😯 😆 😆 😆


    Oh Fabienne love reading the papers while having a drink and getting told bits and bobs of the news in the other paper but mostly in silence enjoying each others company….


    Just for one day……………… Sleep in, Lazy breakfast, Long walk, Lots of talk, really nice meal out somewhere special followed by quiet drinks and more talk. Sleeping and talking really….in very short supply in my house at the moment. Or just not to be responsible for one day would be a treat in its-self. Dont get me wrong, i love dd to bits but i’d love to recapture that true feeling of not having to worry or work to a timetable or be responsible for just one day, that would be my idea of a real treat.


    Missysmum I love my boys more then life itself and ive never been away from ds2 overnight and the only time i was away from ds1 was when i was in hospital having ds2……. Im going to Happymammys wedding in May and my sister is taking the boys for a few days and I CANT WAIT…. just to spend time with dh and devote time to each other and not sharing with the kids….
    Whats the bets I end up crying my eyes out missing them so much 🙄 😆 😆 😆


    to actually seat down and talk to a human would be nicei find myself talking in toddler language from time to time "could you get me some minky for that tea" comes out a lot 😳 😆


    i hear ya taylor, the grass is always greener! im the same sometimes, get a couple of hours to get hair done etc and find myself texting all the time to see how its going…..sad really 🙄


    I was like that once upon a time but now Im like… what ever! If there is something wrong he will ring me! Starting to get used to my freedom… feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart 😆 😆 😆
    Nicky im the same ds2 has a new word "peppa" so I must say it 50 times a day. 🙄

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