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    [size=150:2kuxoytu]Anybody[/size:2kuxoytu] got any ideas as to what you can do with two young kids over the summer months, that does not cost alot of money!
    With all the rain and no friends to play with(i am in ballinaglera) they are bored and i am out of ideas!! :roll:
    Maybe someone could let me know if there is a mother baby group or play days in the area :D
    Any ideas would be greatful :idea:


    hi law-less,hope you find something to do as you are all alone there.drogheda must seem a long way away at times.hopefully some more mums will check out site and you will make some friends with kids too.hang in there.im sure before too long you will be telling us about all the great things to do in leitrim.


    Drogheda is a 2hr and 20 min drive away 😯 so i dont do the trip very often!
    went to the kids play centre in carrick-on-shannon yesterday that is 15mins away, and they had a great time, i was pooped and my knees are not what they use to be and i am only 30 😆
    Other than that and watching the boats go up and down the shannon there was not much else we could do there! 😕 and with the rain it was back indoors to the house 🙁


    HI there..i’m in the same boat..i have 2 small kiddies..eldest is 2.5 and youngest is 12 wks..i have brought them to a local parent and toddler group and my eldest loves it..but other than that i’m at a loss..the soft play centre in carrick is great but not much for the little ones to play in..the ball pool is about it..she’s still a bit too little to let out of my sight on the rest of the jungle gym..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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