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    Ok, this is a tough one. A neighbour down the road from us has 3 dogs. they are small dogs and they bark quite alot but don’t seem too harmful. Earlier, there was a child screaming and crying outside our house and when I went out, one of the dogs was barking like made at the child. The child was crying hysterically and the owner of the dog came out and started shouting – at the child!! The child was already upset and crying but the dog owner said the child ‘must have done something’ to set the dog off. Now, its a small dog and it didn’t hurt the child but the child was very very upset and afraid. She went home crying and the owner of the dog huffed and puffed that the child must have provoked the dog in some way because its a quiet, friendly dog.

    I don’t really wanna get involved but if the parent of the child knocks on my door, what am I gonna say?? The dog was being really aggressive and frisgtening the child so is that bad in itself? I don’t know if the child did anything to upset the dog.

    should dogs be allowed to run around unsupervised where children are playing??

    I’ve no clue what to do here – or if I should do nothing and say nothing?



    I reckon dog owner was in the wrong,dog should not be out without owner being with it and I say this as a dog owner.very odd that they showed no concern for the crying kid.does the dog owner have kids?.does the kids mum know what happened?.

    Situations with neighbours are always tricky as it’s nice to just be able to keep the peace and not have agro on your home turf.maybe just say nothing unless mum of kid approaches you to ask about what happened.



    I think I’ll stay out of it tbh. I saw that dog owner having a row with a neighbour because the neighbour complained about their dog barking all day long!

    I think there could be some major rows here so I am staying well away from it.

    i just dont need any agro. hate that



    Its so difficult to know what to do about things like this – maybe call ISPCA?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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