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    We are going to France in September staying in a mobile home, any tips on what to bring for 12 month baby?


    The favorite cuddly toy, few books and toys. And if you forget anything, in France you can easily find the same products than here.

    Have a good time.


    * A net to put over the pram, when baby is asleep during the day.
    * Your own covers for the cot/bed baby will be sleeping in.
    * Suncream and some sort of anti-histamine incase of bites
    * Diarolyte sachets (incase of any tummy bugs, you can give drinks of this)
    * Nurofen and/or calpol (incase of teething etc)

    Hope some of that helps. Happy travelling 🙂


    Hi buttercup,
    In order to fully enjoy your trip away I would like to recommend the following ideas. Firstly make sure that each member of the family have a European Health Insurance (EHIC) card in order to easily access medical care abroad in the unfortunate event that one of you are ill. Secondly call into your local pharmacy for a Summer Holiday Kit, which our trained staff members can tailor to your family’s need including items such as pain medication, antihistamines, rehydration sachets and basic first aid items.
    As you will be staying at a mobile home it may be worth enquiring about fresh running water and sanitation facilities in advance to make it a comfortable stay. If you are continuing to sterilise your babies feeding bottles etc (you may have stopped at this stage), then sterilising tablets will come in handy for your trip. Lastly if you are lucky enough to have warm conditions on holiday remember to bring sun protection for all the family (Half Price at Hickeys Pharmacy!), and especially for your baby’s delicate skin. Again please feel free to ask your Pharmacist about the correct type of sun protection to your needs
    Best Regards


    Tap water is ok to drink in France.
    Any tap, mobile home or restaurants or campings sites.

    You CAN’T get antihistamine in Frnace without prescription, so yes if needed bring your own.

    Calpon and nurofen are MUCH cheaper in France, worth buying it there (ask for paracetamol or ibuprofen and show the kid so they know the age, if you don’t speak french, or I can send you some sentences), and bring it over.

    Calpol it’s about 1.81 euro, and for older kids they do sell powder to dilute in water so no need to feed older kids 2 or more spoons of liquid calpol and have the bottle empty in no time.

    Have to make my list and I’ll have enough for the year.

    If you need any advices about what’s available with or without presciption in France, ask me, I worked (delivering prescriptions) in a pharmacy in France, so I know.

    Have a good time,


    The baby would be a good start 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Sorry never been camping in France so wouldnt know, just one bit of advice when you pack, go back through and ask do you need to bring sooo much, I tend to always over pack

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