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    Ok so over the past few months i have been having a few problems with my next door neighbour,she seems to have major anger issues.

    Anyway the latest is that her son (hes about 20) is smoking in their back garden & then throwing the cigarette butts over into our back garden,now i dont know if he is doing this cos his mum doesnt know that he smokes,but could he not find somewhere else to put them.

    I only noticed as Hailey approached me holding a cigarette butt in her hand,thankfully she hadnt put it in her mouth (which is what she does with everything else!).since then i have noticed more butts,its really annoying me.

    The thing is my neighbour is completely unapproachable…..any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Not being flippant, but throw them back over the wall- and if she catches you say that you are just returning them back to them as you have seen them being thrown over the wall from their house


    That is so disgusting & inconsiderate.

    Can you maybe approach the young lad who is doing it and tell him – in a very nice way – that your daughter is a little rascal who is always putting things in her mouth and could he just not throw cigarettes in because she put one in her mouth? I can’t imagine anyone who would not be appalled by that and that might make him think twice about where he throws them.

    they sound like quite difficult neighbours alright so I would say, kill them with kindness!!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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