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    Hi all,
    hoping some of you minders can point me in the right direction. My SIL has kindly offered to mind DS when I go back to work.With parental leave, it’s only the odd day per month that I need DS minded. Could anyone tell me whats the going rate for the following per month. It’ll be in minders home and I’ll send down meals with DS.

    two full days ie; 9;30am-6pm
    two shorter days ie; 9;30am-3pm
    one half day ie; 1;30pm-6pm

    Thanks for any advice![/i]


    therate goes from 2 to 5 even 7 Euro per hour.

    As it’s family you could propose around 4/5 and round it up or down depending.
    My childminder is my very best friend. I pay her when I work and when I need just an escape or I have work (unpaid to do) she doesn’t charge me.
    She’s a friend, and we have a friendship relationship, it just happens she’s willing to help me out when I work.


    Thanks for that Fabienne. Your so lucky to have your best friend minding your children. Still haven’t had the chat yet but thanks for letting me know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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