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    I am the only one who can hardly bear to watch the news these days??????

    Something very bad will happen to this planet as I think God will want to start again :cry: :cry: .

    What makes someone break in to a creche and stab innocent kids ..for f***s sake.

    Did these things everhappen say 100 years ago? Is it society today or has this kind of savagery always been around but it is only the media these days that let’s us know?


    I think people are always the same HMM. All we can do is try to do the best we can ourselves and for the people around us.
    Don’t watch the news when you are feeling this way!
    Take care of yourself!


    i know what you mean hmm – it’s all doom & gloom

    actually we got an email from our creche this morning about safety etc and reminding everyone what the rules are re letting people in the door behind you etc…


    what what what…..jesus that’s horrific….oh my god, didn’t hear that and totally shocked….was there kids killed….jesus……what a sick f***er……


    its terrible that they are not even safe in a creche you send them there thinking they will be safe but then some nutter goes and does that 👿

    yes scole it was in belguim i think a man with a white painted face and black eyes took over a creche and killed some toddlers 😡

    poor babies


    Thats awful, the man who was shot in Spain the other day lived at the back of my house when he was shot at last year in Duleek. I knew his wife and their 4 children, very sad. No comment on what he got up to but the children where very young.His daughter use to play with mine. I remember back to one evening in the summer and the child couldnt be found anywhere, the mother was sobbing and running around panicked! Can only imagine looking back now what was going through her mind. She was out my back garden playing with the rest of the kids but didnt tell her where she was. Very scary out there these days. If the flippin recession doesnt kill us off with the stress and worry the flyn bullets will. 🙄


    awful that the kids lost their dad, but not even going to comment, infairness you get into something like that expect the worst…..

    jesus killing the kids in the creche that’s awful the poor families and all the kids the ordeal for such young kids…..we really have to mind out children everyone as a whole….not surprised when there’s cameras everywhere in a creche and security locks etc….security and safety is main priority….


    After i read about this i felt chills and VERY sad/disturbed. I can not believe no matter how sick a person may be can drive them to harm innocent BABIES! My heart goes out to these parents who drop their little ones of without the slightest idea/possibility of something liek this happening to them!! It disgusts me 🙁

    "If the flippin recession doesnt kill us off with the stress and worry the flyn bullets will"- HM

    This should be the quote for what’s going on right now, a very scary thought.


    Happy its very sad for young kids to lose their daddy but you play with fire and all that…… .if what they say in the papers is true then Im sure he had a hand in many a son,daughter, brother, sister, mother, father etc to lose their lives.

    I think this guy has escaped out of a mental instution, dont know if thats true just somethign my mam heard. The poor creche worker tryign to save the kids.
    mental or not I’d kill the bastard with my bare hands if it was my child

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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