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    We are in Meath, it is cold and a bit icy but not snowing….just wondering if we are in for another bad spell or if we might get lucky and get away with it this time…

    what is it like elsewhere? heard its snowing in Dundalk….is that true?


    Im in drogheda and the same as where you are, Think ill stick the heating back on, cos its freezing


    We’ve just all had hot chocolate with marshmallows and we have a casserole in the oven for dinner….its such a day for warm, soupy foods. Think might have some thick cut batch with that….yummy!!!

    Still no snow yet….lets hope it stays away!!!


    I am too tired to cook any thing ..would love a casserole..was working till 1 a.m most nights this week..managed to do a few bits this a.m and get to Aldi now I am floored..


    Think you need some ready meals hmm!!!

    I was working very late Monday night and was knackered on Tuesday after work so went into M&S and got 3 for 7 euro Italian ready meals and dished it up with a garlic bread – was so tired, they were lucky to even get that 😀

    Westocked up in anticipation of all this snow maybe we were too organised….??? Not a snowflake in sight.


    Its lashing down snow in Derry, none here yet…

    HMM i just did a sausage caserole and it was yummy! kids love it and only 1 hour in oven and its done

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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