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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if you can suggest things to do in Drogheda on A Sunday morning from 9am to 11am with a toddler when its raining????

    My ds wakes between 6am & 7am, this morning we were up at 6.30am, so by 9am with had played with all his toys, coloured, read books, watched cartoons, ate, dressed & even had a long bath. At 9 we were ready to head out the door to go to laytown playground & for a walk on the beach but to our disgust it was rainning, misty horrible rain!! The weather forcast pridicted 22 degrees for today!!

    Anyway, we went for a drive around instead to see what else we could do but couldnt find anything. Went to: Astro tots – closed, Smyths toystore – closed, then decided to get car washed as ds enjoys it but the automatic car wash is gone from the petrol station, while we were there i thought we might as well go into McDonalds get a happy meal between us, ds would enjoy being somewere different & getting the little gift but they dont serve them until 11am!! We ended up sitting in the car watching some cycling race going through Drogheda for 10 minutes before we drove home.

    So what could we have done instead????Any suggestions?


    go to rathescar lake near dunleer , free and a great walk


    check out these pages on the website ..t here are some great ideas and most of them are FREE!



    Thanks for replies but i was actually looking for places to go when it is raining?? Any ideas?

    If it wasnt raining we had planned to go to the playground & Beach.


    swimming in the leisure centre or somewhere similar


    Swimming on a Sunday is great, my ds loves it. We watched a bit of the bike race then on to the pool which is great value 11.40 for 1 adult and one child (for as long as you like) we were over 2 hours lovely hot showers etc….
    Then we stopped into McD’s for lunch


    Yeah, that is a good idea.

    I had thought of that but i’m not mad on swimming myself but i must sort myself out as ds would love it alright.


    Sorry Mary I am no help , just felt reading your post that I am glad those days are long behind me- I struggled like mad trying to entertain my dd when she was that age.



    Mary the kiddy pool is great, you cant swim as its too shallow and small, but you do get to relax in the water and the kids love splashing about….. A walk around mellfont abbey is great for putting in an hour or so for free, or bring a ball over to Oldbridge house, have a walk about and then in for a coffee

    Another great thing is a walk in the forest at townely hall, my dh and ds love this


    Hi Taylor,

    I can actually swim no problem, sure had swimming lessons for about 10 years as a child, my mother would kill me if i couldnt swim by now.

    I just dont really like going swimming. Dont shoot me now but i think that Im just too lazy & self concious & vain for swimming. All the having to have legs shaved/ waxed, putting on an unflattering swimming suit that shows off the blubber & the lovely irish white skin (or the patchy fake tan) not to mention the very unsexy swimming hats and the having to dry my thick long hair under those crap hairdryier things – it all just puts me off swimming.

    You are right though, ds would love it, may try to convince dh to bring him instead of me. (so selfish, i know).

    Milifont Abbey & oldbridge house are great ideas for when its not raining. Going to defo put them on my to do list as have never been to either.

    Thanks for ideas.


    Mary were you stalking me last Sunday at Aura swimming pool…… sounds just how I looked 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Do what I did last summer "the wash out" I went and bought really good rain jackets and welly boots for ds and I, so when it rained we still went out and about…….. we had a brilliant day outin Melifont on day, the sun came out and we stripped off the jackets and ate blackberries off the bushes.

    so buy some good jackets if not you always have funtasia


    Kids love nothing more than splashing around in puddles a pair of wellies and a rain jacket and your set! 🙂 you can go anywhere then! x

    Sabrinab 08

    Mary E just had to say Im with you 100% on the swimming idea,, think most ladies would agree. I do feel terribl my hubby always sugest that when the weather is bad, taking the girls swimming and I really am the same as you, coul dI really be bothere shaving, tanning, (cover the stretch makrs) 😆 and then the showering after.. Im holding my hands up.. im too lazy..Hubby doesnt want to go alone as the youngest is just too small to manage changing and eveything and he doesnt want to bring her into the men’s…..Oh im gonna have get back to fat fighters.. or weightwatchers as its more commonly known 😆 😆 and get back swimming!!


    You could drive up to PJ’s in Balbriggan, they have a great play area for kids and coffee for mums and dads. Its indoor and there is loads for the little guy to do and free papers, magazines etc for you to read while he plays. Its only 10 mins up the road – we use it quite a bit, especially when its raining!!!


    I’ll second that Pj’s is great and the food for the parents is to die for, my ds cant wait to go back……..

    What to do on a rainy Sunday?! Eh, nobody said " Go to mass" It would get you out of the rain and its free

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