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    The following information leaflet was created by the Birth Matters Consumer Group in partnership with the staff of Our Lady of Lourdes and Cavan Hospital

    14 days past your due date is still NORMAL.
    Induction is only needed when:
    You or your baby have medical problems or
    If you go more than 2 weeks past your due date.

    Birth is a BIG EVENT in your life !
    Birth is a BIG EVENT in the life of your baby !



    Normally nature starts labour when everything is just right for the baby.
    Induction is when the doctor decides to start your labour because of
    – concerns about your health
    – or concerns about your baby’s health.
    Induction is a medical event. The reasons are quite clear and your midwife or doctor will explain these to you, if induction is needed.

    The medical reasons for induction are not very common. 85-90 % of all births are normal with no problems.


    This is also not very common. This leaflet is about women who are healthy and have had a healthy pregnancy, but may be induced because they go past their due date more than two full weeks. This is called “Post Term Pregnancyâ€


    Just a quick note on this fantastic new guideline.

    As with any changes to policies/guidelines sometimes it doesn’t filter down to all staff immediately – just in case you get a blank look if you bring it up at your appointment !

    The Lourdes and Cavan Clinical Guidelines group spent a considerable amount of time researching and preparing this guideline and there is a large body of research that supports it so you can be assured it is based on best practices and international recommendations.


    Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



    Delighted to hear they’ve changed the policy.
    I gave birth 11 weeks ago at OLOL at 14 days past my EDD. They tried to induce me at 9 and 11 days over but I fought against it (I’d been scanned, etc. and everything was fine with baby – he was very content and comfortable inside!). Hospital policy was quoted at me again and again but as far as I was concerned babies don’t conform to policies! Eventually my assigned consultant said policy was only a guideline and that I could go home and come back to her clinic 3 days later, I give birth 2 days later without any induction.
    I’m so glad I fought against the induction as I probably would have had a very different birth experience, as it was the whole experience was over in just over 6 hours (not bad for a first timer!)
    I’d also attendedyour hynpobirthing course and it really helped with the pregnancy and birth, I’m currently recommending it to all my friends, pregnant or not!


    Congratulations Digger ! Yes induction really does change things and more often than not ends in a cesarean or an assisted delivery.

    With this new guideline in place and more mums aware of their rights we should see a significant drop in the cesarean rate in the Lourdes.

    I’d love to hear your birth story 🙂



    Currently working on it between nappies and burps! Will try to post it soon.


    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to bump this up for all the mums in waiting 😀 Although some of the consultants have been using the 14 day recommendation the new policy will be fully in place with all staff as of the first week in July.

    A similar guideline has been in place for years at H.Street (which conincidentally has the lowest cesarean rate in the country at around 18%)

    This is great step forward for the Lourdes and their commitment to normal birth practices and it’s even better news for local mums (although when you’re 40 weeks and not sleeping policies or no policies all you want to do is meet your baby) 😉


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