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    Two hours ago I was on the beach with my daughter building sandcastles. It was a bit chilly but it was so sunny that we wrapped up and headed off with a bucket and spade. It was lovely and we stopped for a coffee in Relish on the way home as we walked along in the nice weather…..it was looking like a nice spring Sunday.

    Now….its lashing hailstones outside!! Its gone from needing sunglasses to getting inside and sticking the heating on!!

    Its one of the things I love about Ireland, its a very quirky and unpredictable little island…


    we laughed on way home as we saw a few people in convertibles driving past. They looked blue from the cold but as is the way in Ireland, once there is a bit of sun, the car roofs go up – even if it means they develop pneumonia!!

    Any day now the guys will start to take their t-shirts off (in many cases I think we could all do without that one!!) 😆 😆


    We went to Laytown playground this afternoon & then down to the beach for a walk . Afterwards we had ice cream cones. 😆 The sun was shining but its bloody freezing out, saying that we had a ball, the fresh air was lovely.

    I wasnt shocked when it hail stoned on the way home as it was so cold.


    We went up the forest this morning, before we left dh opened every window in the house and was saying "oh what a fab day" he was saying the kids will only need sweatshirts, i was no way jackets, dh went to the car and came back in and said they will need hats too…
    Well our walk turned into a 3 hour hike, we got home for a late lunch and we were frozen solid. We plonked on the sofa with the fire blazing watching the Rugby and the kids out on the green in there t shirts making a run for home in the hail stones 😆 😆 😆

    I love just about everything about Ireland, our weather, our amazing quality meats we are spoilt with, our humour and the crack! I wouldnt live anywhere else

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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