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    I would love to know exactly what criteria a childminder has to meet to register with Louth C childcare. I know a woman who is on this list who got a phone call from above organisation who just ‘registered’ her. They had seen her ad in the local paper advertising to mind chindren in her own home. Being registered with them seems to mean very little I dont really understand the value of it. Can anyone explain? :roll:


    Its not registered as such but notified is the word they use……you dont have to be notified to Louth County CHildcare if you are childminding….it is up to the childminder to decide if they want to in the interest of best practice. You only have to register with HSE if you are minding over a certain number of children depending on what service you are running. Many childminders are running a childcare service and not notified to LCCC or registered with HSE and that is all above board too.

    I’m notified to LCCC and I had a visit from the childcare facilitator at home. I also had to submit 2 charactor references. You don’t need garda clearance to childmind (which I think is totally wrong) but I applied for it, again in the interest of best practice. Again, I have first aid from a previous job but you don’t need to have first aid but LCCC will provide training where they encourage minders to avail of first aid training. I also did a QAP Quality Awareness Training with LCCC which covered many areas of providing a quality service.

    LCCC are basically trying to up the standard for childminders and parents alike…..they encourage minders to train and avail of courses that will help them provide a better service. If a parent gets the name of a childminder of LCCC at least there is a little bit more knowledge of the childminder available for the parent, a bit more reassuring.

    There are many excellent childminders out there who take a very professional and child centered approach to their work. Just because the service is home based doesnt mean it is less of a service. Many childminders are registered self-employed and pay tax, prsi and house, car insurance taking into account their childminding profession.

    Anyone can set up as a childminder but then there are others who want to take the professional approach and link up with LCCC for support in doing this.


    Sinead Rock

    Good Morning Songbird!
    If you would like information about notifying to Louth County Childcare Committee Ltd., as a Childminder please do not hesitate to contact the Childminding Advisory Officer on 041 6859912 – Louth County Childcare Committee is not a Government body. Louth County Childcare Committee offer support and advice and are available to answer any questions you have in relation to childcare and the childcare regulations. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    😆 thanks for the information 😆

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