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    Hi all,

    We’ve had a journalist from RTE on asking us some questions about Mumstown and she wants to know what our members get from the site.

    She wondered if anyone had a positive story about Mumstown??

    Would love to hear your thoughts….



    Well, as someone who was pretty new to the area, a fellow member told me to get onto the site as I’d find it a great resource in terms of info, and whats happening around and about in the area.
    So, I did this, and not only has it given a "blow-in" a place to get info, but thanks to the get-togethers, I’ve met a lovely bunch of gals, and I now feel that I have a bit of a support structure, with some great new friends.

    I’ve come from another country, so having a place where anything that I need can be addressed…. and to have a place to just chat with other folk, has been totally invaluable to me! 😉


    Mumstown means a lot to me

    I have many good friends
    I have got of excellent advice & given some too

    It’s our Agony Aunt / means of communications, it tells us whats going on in our locality.. It encourages people / boasts self – esteem

    A means of advertising for local business / voluntary organisations

    I could go on & on & on


    I have to agree with chewieodie, as I too am from a different country – although I’ve been here for 8 years, I have found it hard to find out anything about the local areas and what goes on – especially when it comes to the kids!

    I had originally joined mumstown when it first started, however as with a new born, I unfortunately never ‘kept at it’ and I’m sorry now that I didn’t as I’ve read from some of the threads now, I could’ve have done with an ‘ear’ when I was going through the stages of my first son growing up and now there is pretty much invaluable information on this site with regards to child issues and also all sorts of other info!

    Also, I got back onto this site as one of the other members told me about it, and I joined up again and am delighted as I’ve also met plenty of mums and hopefully we’ll be able to all give each help and adviceon many many subjects!


    Where do i start, there just aren’t enough words to describe what a lifeline this site has been for me. In the absence of family, friends and even professionals at times, mumstown and its members are always there. When you feel like there is no one to listen or nowhere to turn, mumstown is always there. Long may it continue!


    I am one of the original members here and have to say i’ve enjoyed every moment it has brought me personally…having known nobody and not known what where or who to turn to, magically mumstown appeared, i went nowhere until my son was 14months old and discovered mumstown, since then i’ve been unstoppable, gone to coffee mornings, meet ups, nights out, and met a huge group of wonderful people all very different in many ways…i suppose sad as it may seem but becoming a mom and having mumstown has given me a different life and so far so good great support and laughs from many here…and i hope that everyone here gets the same from mumstown like i have…..

    M – Meet ups
    U – United in motherhood
    M- Multicultural
    S – Support
    T – Together we advise & help
    O – Openess
    W – Witty
    N – National


    Scole you are so witty!
    Great to see all the wonderful comments:)
    Siobhan & Dave … you are doing a great job!



    summed up very nicely scole! 😉

    Hope you doing well KCIreland! 😉


    it so hard topin it down because it can be whatever you need it to be at any given time ive used it for research but also for social support its great to cheak out whats on its a link to life…. and all from the comfort of my kitchen x x x


    lol kcireland….

    how you doing?


    its getting to meet people in the same position as you
    knowing your not going crazy when your pacing the floor at 4am with a screaming baby, toddler or demanding 4yr old
    socializing in a safe invironment for yourself and your children, with no one giving you advice not needed if your child is throwing a tantrum on the floor at a toddler group or meeting because there’s usually a few more doing the same thing a few feet from you 🙄
    getting away from the kids or the house for a little while to go skating, cinema, for food or drinks
    a chance to keep your sanity! 🙂 a place to feel welcome


    Thanks to Mumstown I have met loads of great people and developed a social life in the town. I am also not local. I started a book club and am now also in a writing group formed by another mumstowner. It is a fantastic resource

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