What does being stylish actually mean?!

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    Style Fish

    What does being ‘Stylish’ actually mean?

    Being stylish is not as simple as spending vast amounts of money on designer brands & keeping up with trends. In fact, inexpensive clothes can be worn with style as long as you know how to make the most of ‘you’. Equally expensive clothes will look completely unstylish if they are not right for you.
    To create your own style you just need a good eye for detail & a bit of thought. The golden rule about fashion is that it should appear effortless without seeming false or strained. If you feel comfortable & confident that’s it! Don’t force yourself into a fashion purchase because the fashion magazines are telling you to. It can be handy & fun to be aware of the current trends but the most important things is to feel good in what you choose to wear.
    Get inspiration for lots of places – friends, magazines, walking down the street etc!
    Style Fish Top tips;
    – Think impact (always have one thing on your outfit that makes it unique)
    – Maximise your assets – think what you want to show off and what you wnat to hide when dressing
    – Wear clothes that are the correct size and fit well
    – Know the clothes that flatter you but always have the confidence to experiment
    – Always think of the occasion you are dressing for
    – When in doubt keep it simple
    – Don’t disregard an outfit just because someone else doesn’t like it – if you genuinely feel good in it, chances are you will look good too.
    – Buy more statement pieces to make you stand out rather than going for different trends to stand out.
    Ultimately, Fashion is about comfort and having fun! And anyone who tells you tobe stylish means you have to wear 3 inch heels or the latest trend hasn’t a clue! Being stylish is about being comfortable!


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