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    when you go to a coffee shop?

    I’m re-opening a coffee shop in the town, and amconducting a survey.

    What do you look for when you visit a coffee shop? i.e. decor, music..

    What do you normally buy in your favourite place?

    What IS your favourite place?

    Thankyou for your help.


    I am coeliac and it would be great if you could provide gluten-free snacks and salads it would be great they can be hard to get.

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi there, well myself and my friend go for coffee and a scone in the gateway every thurs..we’ve done it for yrs,kinda routine now. Scone’s are kinda on the huge side and the lasy few times we havent gotten them, but they do serve the nicest, milky cappouchino! thats mainly the reason we always go there, plus the conservatory is nice in the summer months. but always open to change.. Keep us informed on were you are and when your opening up,pop down and support a fellow mum. Best of luck!! 🙂


    Value for money is definately one big one as when its too expensive its a treat but when its reasonable I go more often with my daughters especially.

    I love lattes and coffess which are made well………I also wish someone would do a ‘mini latte’ or something for children as my daughters love lattes but they’re too big for them to finish.

    I’m not mad on hot choclate fudge cake but I know rest of my lot always get this…has to be on the menu. And carrott cake is another fav.

    Comfortable chairs…….its lovely to relax into a comfortable chair especially if out shopping on the town and taking time out to relax.

    Not too noisy……sometimes the decor causes the noice to travel and it can be very noisy…….I went into one coffee shop in town recently and we walked out as the noice was crazy…….we were laughing as we went in to get a coffee and relax but when we came out (without ordering) we found the town to be more relaxing than the coffee shop….bad!

    And if its geared towards Mums its nice if there is a spot to put your buggy so you don’t feel you’re blocking the walkway and also high chairs for toddlers……..(cheap plain white paper and few chubby crayons great for keepin them busy) sometimes I have them, sometimes I forget.

    My favourite coffee shop…….not one in particular. But like the tea rooms on Mayorality Street, haven’t been there in a while. They do tea leaves with a strainer…..kids find this fun.


    Marks and Spencers coffee shop is lovely as it is spacious, the coffee is nice and also FairTrade (thats important too!!)..I think a major pulling thing is that they do the little lunch box meals for kiddies (healthy sandwich, juice and raisins) but it is quite pricey so I would love to see more value! Friendly staffwho like children (or at least pretend to) is important…I also go to insomnia as the staff are lovely there but the place is too small and cold!!…


    Definitely kids meal packs – my DD loves to get a little pack for herself – and crayons and paper are brilliant!
    Baby change facilities too, was in a coffee shop today and there was none. had to change DS on my knee in the toilet, a pokey one at that too, it was very awkward!
    Value for money is an obvious one – nothing worse than being ripped off.. and staff who don’t mind children! Very irritating if you feel awkward for having a child with you.


    I agree about Insomnia the staff are soooooo nice there and they remember you. Also lovely coffee but it is way too cold because it’s near the door we have same problem in Waterstones.

    As for what I would like in a coffee shop

    Kid friendly
    lots of choice
    good value
    meal deals
    not too much noise; music etc
    friendly staff


    I love the tea rooms

    Lovely atmosphere – reasonable prices – excelllent quality & quanity

    Homemade cakes & buns – can actually see cooking been done,

    Very nicely decorated – it is just heavenly

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