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    If you are worried about a child’s welfare, call ISPCC and they can advise you. You can call them anonymously or leave your name & details. They do ask for your contact details if you are comfortable giving them but it is not compulsory to give them. They will explain what options you have.

    It’s best to call for proper advice from experts and then you can make a more informed decision and put your mind at rest.



    Hi MaryE,

    We have been in touch with the North East branch of the ISPCC on your behalf and they gave the following advice:

    In relation to any concerns for the wellbeing of a child we would suggest that you encourage the writer to contact their local ISPCC Office, North East office would be Bernice Gardner at 0419833406 / BGardner@ispcc.ie

    Alternatively, they can contact their local Social Work Office to speak with a Child Protection Social Worker.Drogheda and surrounding areas would be Ballsgrove Health Centre on 0419833163.

    Hope that helps.


    check out hse site and you will see section ref children first should give you all info…alot of childcare workers too can advise on proceedure etc but you will get infor on there….

    everyone should be aware of children first policy


    Just something to reassure people if they were in a position where they felt they needed to report a child protection issue but were afraid of backlash. There is legal protection under the Protection for Persons reporting Child Abuse Act 1998

    http://www.dcya.gov.ie/documents/childc … nFirst.pdf

    3.10 Legal protection
    3.10.1 The Protections for Persons reporting Child Abuse Act, 1998 makes
    provision for the protection from civil liability of persons who have
    communicated child abuse ‘reasonably and in good faith’ to designated
    officers of the HSEor to any member of An Garda Síochána (see
    Appendix 11 for a list of HSE designated officers). This protection
    applies to organisations as wellas to individuals. This means that even if 22
    a communicated suspicion of child abuse proves unfounded, a plaintiff
    who took an action would have to prove that the person who
    communicated the concern had not acted reasonably and in good faith in
    making the report.
    3.10.2 A person who makes a report in good faith and in the child’s best
    interests may also be protected under common law by the defence of
    qualified privilege.


    Original post deleted as requested.

    We have left the topic thread active as it may be relevant to other Mumstown members who may have queries about the welfare of children and want information about how to act if worried about a child’s welfare.

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