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    My daughter went to visit the dail, seanad with her school recently. It was a real eye opener for her and her school mates. They got to see the whole ‘workings’ of government and a glimpse into how decisions are made. She isn’t overly impressed though and can’t believe they are allowed sit looking at their phones etc. while people are speaking. She thought it was very rude. Didn’t give her a great impression. She felt herself and a few friends could sit down and thrash out many issues using common sense and they are only 14!

    Got me thinking, I’ve never done that and she definately knows more than me about what goes in the dail/seanad. But it is great that kids now get these opportunities and are more informed. When I was growing up I just didn’t ‘do’ politics and budget day was the most dreaded day of the year when my parents were watching it on tv.


    My 14 yr old isn’t impressed wit them either. I think its good they have to do CSPE and supposedly find out about what goes on in the workings of Government.

    I think it makes them more aware of what Politicians are meant to do, hopefully it will instile in them a wish to vote when they are older and make them think about the public representatives and route out for themselves, who does their job and who just sits there and collects their money!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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