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    was thinking earlier of things that really annnoy me , and wanted to see what annoys other people will start off with
    1. dh leaving dirty clothes on the floor
    2. men wetting the toilet seat
    3. ds not flushing the toilet
    4. dh emptying the bin and not putting a new bag in it :twisted:


    have just thought of another one someone using the last of the toilet roll and not bothering to say anything


    Oh the list is endless

    1) people who moan and complan but wont do anything to help themselves or improve their lives (Needy people)
    2) using the last of the toilet roll without replacing it…. TMI moment had a poo one day and 1 piece of loo roll left, I had to waddle to the kitchen and grab kitchen paper 😳 😆 😆 😆
    3) Rude people but rude staff in shops bake my noodle….
    4) When in a shop waiting for you change with you hand out and they put your change on the counter beside your out held hand 😈 😈 😈
    5) Tea bags in the sink or someone who dribbles a teabag all the way to the bin….
    6) People who dont clean or wash out their bins, walking on the footpath on bin day and some are filthy.
    7) At traffic lights and the car in front doesnt like the shade of green and takes 10 seconds to move off at the lights

    Im guilty of leaving the bin with out a binliner, dh goes mad when I do it…. so now I try and bring the new bag before I change the old one 🙄


    all of the above…..

    but also when people are too flaming busy chatting to eachother in shops to move out of the way when they turn and look at ya and see you’re pushing a buggy and they just ignore ya…..

    the flaming big issue sellers that ask you for money and start saying please please when you’ve said no about 10times

    the pleople that stop ya in the street to get you to sign up to something and again you’ve said no…..they keep going on and on….

    drunks…..drunken lads acting the twat……..

    complainers 😆 😆 not like i’m doing that know

    people who come up visiting the beaches and chuck rubbish out the window not giving a damn that it’s making the place dirty and also dangerous for others….and they think it’s their god goven right to abuse the amenties that others enjoy….beacause they don’t live there and it’s not their problem

    DOG POO people who don’t pick it up and think ahh feck it couldn’t be bothered bringing your dog out clean up after them you know they want to use the loo, how would they like it if i went to the loo on their doorstep….they wouldn’t

    parents who let their kids out on the road don’t watch them and just expect them to rear themselves, i think it’s quite worrying when you see younger kids on the road more often then the parents especially when you can say oh there’s such and such but not know who their parents are….

    biggest pet hate USERS…..the worst in the world they use you when suits and screw ya over too when suits…..

    that’s it i’m sure there’s more 😆 😆 😆

    GOD I’M SUCH A MOAN nearly beating taylor 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Okay I take the hint….. Im not a user Im promise. Ok I’ll drive myself next Thursday 😆 😆 😆 😆


    ha ha ha….it’s okay i’m using you when minding my puppy….sorry em i mean you’re a wonderful friend and i would really be so grateful… 😆 😆 😆


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    have just thought of another one dh turning stereo down rather than turning it off – reallllly annoys me also turning the light on in the middle of the day ffs….. turning on the immersion and FORGETTING to turn it off


    People chewing gum with their mouth open.
    making noise when they eat.

    dh never reads instructions on how to cook something or make something or anything he just calls me and asks how do i do this? i say how the hell do i know, read the bloody instructions cos thats what id have to do to tell u how. that one really p****S me off.
    👿 👿


    Oh jenny if I dont have my glasses I call dh to read things (nearly always regarding cooking) and it p*sses him off big time

    I hate people who spit there gum on the ground

    Or when watching a football match and they gob or cleartheir nose on the pitch, I do be nearly vomiting…. Oh even typing it is making me gag!

    People who wear seat belts in their car but the kids dont have belts on 😈 😈 😈 😈

    Drivers who throw fag buts out of their windows


    people who smoke, especially around their children or if they’re pregnant! thats a big one for me!

    people who hurt or abuse children or animals!

    Anyone who lets their dogs poo on the grass or pavement and doesn’t clean up, my neighbour lets her dog go in everyones garden 👿 …keep having to chase it away or clean it up myself

    those are my top 3.


    Or when watching a football match and they gob or clear their nose on the pitch, I do be nearly vomiting…. Oh even typing it is making me gag!

    jeez i am even gagging reading this. 😆

    I hate when people do not use their indicators when driving;
    when hubby doesnt clear up after himself;
    when the rubbish is taken from the car and left on hall table instead of putting it in bin in kitchen;
    when the boys in my house miss the toilet when peeing or forget to lift the seat;
    when the toilet is not flushed;
    clothes left on floor instead of linen basket;

    could go on and on …………


    being left holding on the phone for ages listening to cheesy music and some one saying your call is important to us please hold 😈 😈


    when ur on the phone to someone and someone else in the room with them starts talking to them and they ask u to hold on whie they have a little chat about something that could have waited till they were off the phone. its sooo rude.


    Oh Jenny my mum does this and it does my head in 😆 😆 😆 😆

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