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    oh this is not an easy decision – firstly i’d go with your gut – if you are having doubts i would wait but then that’s just my opion.

    I have a june baby and she won’t be starting until she’s 5. Her school have strict 4 in the spring before she starts’ policy so we don’t have to make the decision – to be honest if it was up to us we’d still be waiting till she was 5 – i know it’s only Feb but i can’t imagine her in "big school" come sept whereas my other daughter was well ready by now. (she’s a november baby)

    For me it’s not just with how able etc they are starting school it’s how able they’ll be both academically & socially at the other end of the scale when they’re 12/13+ etc.
    Aslo something to keep in mind that schools are alot more relucatant nowadays to keep a child back – when i was going to school it was very common for someone to repeat 6th class or a class in primary school – this doesn’t really happen any more


    Hi All, just hoping for some advice!
    Am struggling to decide whether to start my twins this year or next..they will be 4 in April but one in particular is quite immature and I don’t want to start one without the other. At times I feel both are not ready..and am just not sure whether to start them in Sep or keep them to next year. Any advice welcome!


    Oh this can be such a hard decision… best thing is to go with your gut.. talk to their playschool and get their opinion aswell, even go into the school and have a chat with them there too.

    My DD was 4 in the June, we sent her in September and she is fine thank God, but thatdecision was not made easily!
    My DS is starting this year but he was 4 last October so the decision is pretty much easier.


    Personally, I’d send them. My DD was 4 last April and started junior infants last September and she’s doing great. There are some children in her class now turning 6 years of age and I personally believe that they are too mature for JI.
    As Yvonne says, talk to their playschool teacher, school etc. The schools usually recommend a cut-off date around the June of each year, although this can vary per school.
    Some children in my daughter’s school were allowed to join the year as they turned 4 last September (cut-off date there is 30th Sept), and, as far as I can see, they are all doing fine.
    HTH, LM.


    I’d send them, June is usually the cut off.


    gosh i had this dilema a couple of years ago with my dd – she was 4 in the june but i wasnt happy that she would be able to handle big school socially rather than eductionally. Coupled with that she was shy. I battled with the decision – i spoke to her montessorri teachers and they said – dont start her – it was better that she start a year later than start hertoo early. So thats what i did – she was 5 and 3 mths starting school and she was more than ready for it – im delighted – it was the right decision. Dont be pressured into sending them if you think in your gut they would do better after another year under their belt – theres no panic starting them – they will be in school long enough 😉


    Speaking personally as a second level teacher (of boys): No harm at all if they start school at 5. Doesn’t ‘damage’ them in any way at second level. Worse to have a 16 year old doing LC & starting college at 17 (or less!)…. Every year in First Year we have lads ranging from barely 12 to nearly 14 (sometimes just gone 14) & personally, I’ll want my own lads nearer the top of that bracket than near the bottom….


    What school are you sending them to? What is the twin policy in the school?

    I personally think 4 is too young! They might be able to count etc but its the social end that can be a struggle for 4 year olds. I have never heard a parent regret sending at 5, but i have heard it being said many timessending a 4 year old to school.

    I was 15 in Sixth year!!! I turned 16 at the end of September, I remember my year head pulled me up on messing in history class and said "you should know better at your age, how old are you 18?" To say she nearly fainted when i stood there and said "NO, im 15" 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    I passed up my college as i was too young, i started working for a semi state company with the plan that i would just be there for a year or two then college….. but i was too happy in my job to ever leave. So i do regret my mam sent me to school so young


    Hi All.
    Thanks so much for all the replies!
    Pookie2. great to have the advice from someone at the second level..that puts it into perspective.
    Taylor5 regarding the policy for twins in the (2) schools we are thinking of sending our children to…one is completely separate. so a school for girls and boys inthe same location..and the other is mixed with junior infants rooms beside each other..but recommendation was to have them in separate classes but they could still see each other at break time. lunch time etc. which would prob be best. Up to now i thought it was best to have them together as they are so close although in creche they do their own thing as well. One is the leader so maybe it is best to have them separate but able to see each other at play time etc..decisions. decisions:)
    Anyway my gut is telling me to keep them until next year so thats what i think i will do.Thanks everyone.


    As a Primary School Teacher I think you would be very wise to keep them until they are 5. They will be at such an advantage. I can’t think of any negatives. We are very unique in Ireland taking children at 4, in most of Europe chilldren are 6 starting formal education. As an Infant teacher for years I can always pick out the 5 year olds over those who have not long turned 4. It is rarely an academic difference, more a maturity one. Your 5 year old twins will be so much more self-confident and assured than their 4 year old selves! Also a year of growing and increased strength will help greatly with fine motor skills and handwriting, especially if they are small now. Best of luck with your decision!


    Best of luck and I hope our post can make you make the right choice. Go with your gut feelings x
    I do think its better that twins are split, they can blossom in their own right and not just as a twin x

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