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    hi all,

    Was just wondering what everyone else thinks about the work that has been going on in West St.?

    I remember reading last year about plans for cafes with outdoor seating and people dining al fresco and sipping cappuccinos on the cobbled streets but so far, have not seen any signs of this.

    I’ve heard taxi drivers are going nuts about the way its being re-worked ad it looks like its hurting alot of local business like Tully’s who are closing down

    does anyone have any toughts about this?? might write something about it for a local paper



    someone said to me that penneys is keeping west st alive at this stage! anyone have any thoughts about that???


    Yeh i wouldnt be rushing to West Street to buy anything these days – the only reason i would venture up that way now is to get the hair done in that salon Bubblegum (just off west street) real funky place. Or to get a bargain perhaps in ShoeBox, but now even that is closing down!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know if they are putting a Penneys in that new shopping centre due to openin November beside Grange Rath??


    I loved the idea of the West street face lift but the result hasnt been so great. I think it has a cheap look to it, I hate the bins and the bollards. The 4 crossings down at the tonsel are stupid as they just block the total flow of traffic…..
    As for the shops on West street, they never did anything for me. they were always tatty and run down. I do love how easy it is to get about West street now, there is pleny of room on the foot paths and the little seat are a great idea. I just think it would have worked much better if most of West Street was traffic free
    Love the Narrow West street feel, that area could be soooo cool and nice to shop

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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