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    Hi All,

    Have u seen the great bargains in Super Valu this week, its great. It not just on one department but they’ve spread them right across the board. I was delighted tonight when i did my weekly shop. Great value in the fruit & veg apples and madarins half price. Got Huggies nappies reduced to €15 from €30 (116 in box and that was the large size), pampers wipes reduced to €1.84. I also got a chicken for half price and with that got a large bag of carrots and a bag of baby potatoes FREE. Round roast joints and pork chops all reduced (of course i stocked up)… Then got beer, bud light 20 pack for €16.49 (happy days :D ) think the miller was €17.99 for 20 as well (not sure don’t drink it but it was around that price). And best deal of all was the Bold washing powder 90 scoop €13.99 think there was Daz there also :) And after all that i got free parking, apparently when u spend €25 or more u get 2 hours free parking. I usually do my shopping in Dunnes or Tesco but if Super Valu keep this up I’ll be there every week :D


    sounds like you work there … is that possible?


    sounds like you work there … is that possible?

    No kc, just passing on afew bargains 😆


    have to say i find supervalu the biggest rip off. they are terribly expensive , my weekly shop was costing anything between 170-200€ and i have now started to shop in tesco and its 120€ weekly. plus they have huge varity of BOGOF (buy one get one free) in all depts . its gets my thumbs up , i also shopin lid which come ain about 70€ weekly.


    They are the only ones makingthe effort to encourage us to shop in town, they can only be praised for that. I was there a few weeks back (for handiness) and although they were still a bit more expensive they had good offers on at the time.


    I shop in them all now…

    I go to each of the supermarkets and get all the special offers and I do save money. I would not go to one for everything because they are all expensive on some items and good on others.

    I’m all about the special offers…

    I must say though I think Super valu is doing good on nappies etc. I got those huggies (104 for 15 euro) two weeks ago and still have loads left so that was a good buy. They also have huge packs tiolet tissue and kitchenrolls on special this week so its worth checking out.

    Tesco have cheerios and some other cereals half price and they have an additional 10% off their clothes but to be honest, we are still paying way more than we should for the clothes etc. If something is priced at 10 sterling, we are being charged 15 euro so they take off 10% and that only bring the price down to 13.50. Its a bit better but they could be doing more on conversion rates I think

    Happy shopping…..


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