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    Look out for tips on making pregnancy more comfortable, solutions to common problems in pregnancy, birth plans and how to write one, choosing a hospital – what’s important to know, giving birth at home, how to introduce your new baby to your toddler, and lots more ! Look out for upcoming articles from our Lourdes midwives too !

    Tracy is a certified Doula (trained birth companion), Doula Trainer and Hypnotherapist specialising in hypnosis for childbirth and fertility. Passionate about birth and its effects on both mother and newborn, she believes that having a baby can be one of the most fulfilling experiences life can offer.

    Originally from Dublin, Tracy spent twelve years in the United States and Asia and established Ireland’s first doula service on her return in 2005. The following year, she published her groundbreaking guide to maternity services in Ireland, The Better Birth Book which was recommended by Dr. Michel Odent and midwives around the country. Tracy is a regular contributor to Irish baby/parenting magazines and has been a guest lecturer in DKIT and the Liberties college Dublin on maternity care in Ireland. Tracy has also been featured on The Afternoon show and will feature in RTE’s ground breaking new parenting series in March 2008 presented by child psychologist David Coleman.

    In 2007 Tracy was elected Chairperson of Our Lady of Lourdes consumer group, Birth Matters. Tracy also runs the voluntary Irish chapter of the International Caesarean Awareness Network. She is also mum to four year old Jack.


    Information provided in this section is for educational purposes only. Each individual should consider how to best to apply this information to their particular circumstances and consult with their health care provider as appropriate. This forum is not intended to replace appropriate medical care.


    welsome tracey delighted you’re here…..girls totally recommend her, i had bab 2 years ago did hypnobirthing and it was fantastic tracey was my doula she’s the one who gave me the power……best of luck tracey…..


    Thanks for the welcome !

    Scole1 – you had the power all along – I just reminded you 😀

    I still tell your birth story in every workshop – you’re so famous !!



    Hello Tracey

    I got post natel dep after my first born and really want to have another baby but am terrified of it happening agian. When I had it I wouldnt let anyone go near our son, it was very hard dealing with the constant worry that something terrible was going to happen. I got it sorted out by my GP, was wondering what is the liklyhood of it happening again, my Future DH was great throughout the whole thing but am worried how it could effect our relationship if we did try for another and it happened again.

    I was so bad that when he made bottles, I would get up in the middle of the night resterilse the bottles and make them all over again! I know it sounds nuts now but at the time I felt so scared trusting anyone with him, it was a very lonley time and never really talked about it to my friends because I felt ashamed. I didnt like anyone picking him up and if they did they had to wash their hands I sure I must have seemed like a nurotic cow to all mine and his family.

    We got through it though thank god, is there anything I can do to avoid it happening or do we just have no controll of it. I believe a lot of us have it but never let on. The more honest with myself and trusting towards others I came the better things got but it was not easy let me tell you. I wouldnt go out cause I didnt trust anyone minding him it was hell god am I glad its over!

    How do you think I may fair If we are blessed again with another?



    Hi Hippychic – there’s quite a lot you can do to prepare yourself for the arrival of another little one if you’ve had PND before.

    For any woman who has had postnatal depression, the prospects of getting it again can be extremely worrying. There is very little scientific agreement on the recurrence rates, but some studies suggest that if a mum has had PPD before it may occur again in around 50-65% of mums.

    Research suggests that being given extra support and information during pregnancy can reduce the risks of recurrence. This includes being given the opportunity to discuss any anxieties you might have, and also to talk about coping strategies for after the birth. It’s also important to avoid any overly stressful situations such as moving house (or even renovating your kitchen can impact how well you cope) basically keeping things on an even keel makes a huge difference.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    Get plenty of rest – line up some extra help for yourself if you can because you’ll be coping with a newborn and a toddler
    Eat well balanced meals
    Talk about how you’re feeling – don’t bottle it up
    Join a local mum & baby group for support..so you don’t feel so isolated – or chat to your friends here 🙂
    Have a good chat with your GP especially if he/she’s sympathetic.
    If it does occur again you’ll recognize the feelings and be able to get help sooner.

    Hope that helps !



    Hippychick I also had/have pnd and I could have wrote your post, I was laughing here think God I wasnt the only new mother doing this. It is very hard on dh’s but I think I’d happily risk my marriage for another child.
    God that sounds terrible, but I do think next time around my dh and family not to mention the doctor would all be looking out for me. Unlike the last time where I hid my pnd from everyone for months thus digging a deeper hole for myself.
    My doctor says sleep and eat well, get plenty of excercise and cut out tea and coffee, drink plenty or water and eat plenty of fruit… should all help the mood.

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