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    ahh what a day for history….watched the inaguration, it was great, Obama’s speech was great and a great delivery too…..thought was halarious for thanking Bush for his work and co-operation then in his speech sort of ridiculed him…..without fingering him….

    but an amazing turn out and such a wonderful thing to happen…..and the Obama family seem lovely……here’s to a bright future for the world…..


    Very true something about Obama is so refreshing. I must say though when they danced at the ball michelle obama seemed so stiff/akward looking compared to Obama!


    I thought it was soooo romantic I mean the man is actually human and I think very hansome!!! If that was me and my partner up there dancing he would be messing and trying to make me laugh! Although I think the first dance is strictly no bum pinching or spinning around!
    I bet she was terrified of tripping or something happening. I mean, apart from all the glory and beauty of yesterday their lives from now on is in soo much danger, she must be terrified every inch of every day for her babies. And they are so well behaved, my girls would have been hanging out of the flag! This is boring wheres my DS! 🙄 😆
    I sat down with mydaughter yesterday and we watched it for a while. I feel it is a day she will always remember. I really hope he is not shot, I have this awful fear for him.
    He is absolutely no doubt a great guy and im excited for America right now.


    i never looked at it that way and her dress was pretty long too. I know her daughters seem so angelic well behaved! I pray and hope nothing happens to that family it would be such a shame to know that change is so near and then something tragic happens. Okay okay no more thinking negative!


    No more negative but i felt her nerves yesterday all right, from a mums point of view i suppose. Charming normal family. Plus, you can really see he is passionate and loves his wife! I was watching it with my mother earlier on youtube and she was like you big eejit getting all emotional! 😆 I thought they looked so happy! Im an emotional freak anyway cry at the drop of a happy hat 😥 😆 😆


    i know i was sheeding a few tears yesterday too……didn’t see the ball will have to you tube it…..ah it’s amazing but i do feel afraid for them, they really are going to be watched 24/7…..i hope he gets the oppertunity to do great things and his family get to see that and not get assinated, it would be devastating……

    well all the same, all the best Obama you deserve it…..at least the Bush’s are gone…..


    She must have been nervous i know i’d be!…They had 10 balls to dance/attend that’s overwhelming.


    10 balls???!!! 😯 😯 Scole what are we like ‘Jeez i hope he doesnt get assasinated!” 😆 😆
    Loved her white dress. I bet the two of them are real lovebirds!

    I didnt like palin! She was like your women out of desperate housewifes the one with the red hair! Did she even go to the aunagormoratiooooon 😕 😆 as my daughter called it not me honest 😆


    i also watched the inauguration yesterday – the kids were moaning cos the cartoons were turned off but for once i dug my heels in! wasn’t missing this important moment in history! i got so emotional & teary with happiness. saw the news this morning they attended ALL of the inauguration balls & he had something to say at each & every one of them. that’s dedication!!!!!!! 🙂 godspeed obama…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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