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    Did anyone else have mad & crazy dreams while pregnant?

    I am having really vivid dreams at the moment; some good and some not so good. Yesterday woke up in a panic about a horrible dream I had and was almost in tears thinking about. Took me a few minutes to realise it was not real and was just a dream. Literally had to take some deep breaths to calm down while thinking about it

    My dreams seems so much more real when pregnant for some reason. Am I mad or is this normal?


    Your not alone. Its like watching a film in 3d in my dreams at the moment. DH cant wait every morning to ask me what I have dreamt about and thinks its a great laugh. I really should write some of them down they would make great short stories! I have been banned from watching Criminal minds and anything csi like before bed because I was waking with vivid nightmares.


    Oh Yeah!!!! I remember I used to have some corkers…. though mine were somewhat X-rated! 😆 😆 😆


    i used to dream when i was pregnant with dd who is 5 on sunday that i would walking over the red bridge and it would start shaking and godzilla would come up and eat me 😆 the other one was wasps id be lying in bed in my dream a swarm of wasps would be attacking me. :lol:

    Mark Acu

    Well ladies I definitely can’t say well when I was pregnant I had the same but I know its very very common and totally natural.

    From a Chinese Medicine aspect as you get closer to having your baby your body temperature naturally rises and this in turn causes your mind to become more active especially at night. This can manifest in several ways the three most common are;

    Problems going to sleep

    Waking and not going back to sleep

    Vivid dreams

    In all of the above cases the mind is usually active and running at 100 miles an hour

    Once it is not annoying you its ok but it starts to become to a problem than there are a lot of things that can help through the use of acupuncture. One or two sessions will have the mind more at ease and problem will also be less of a problem.

    Then its sweet nice dreams



    Oh Yeah!!!! I remember I used to have some corkers…. though mine were somewhat X-rated! 😆 😆 😆

    Your not alone, my dreams were terrible and very vivid 😳 😳 😳 I kept having a dream about an ex, as in an ex from when i was 16 and only snogged him!!! it was very strange and never told dh, but 2 other mums said they had the very same kind of dreams about ex boyfriends 😯


    I did have a few ‘nice’ dreams earlier on in my pregnancy and woke up feeling very good indeed in the middle of the night – they were nice ones.

    Its the scary ones I don’t like. I worry more than usual when pregnant anyway, so not nice to wake up in a cold sweat thinking something bad happened to someone I love! Awful…

    Yep, my mind is racing sometimes so am heading back for some more acupuncture soon.


    Gosh I think that is common in all pregnancies. I had very vivid dreams too of an xrated nature. Couldnt understand it but my hormones were obviously going crazy. Apparently its very common be it good or bad dreams. I had some bad dreams too but I knew they werent real so I soon shook them off and got on with the day. Try some slimline tonic water before bed. It is fantastic for relaxing your muscles, and just really chills you out. A small glass at night before bed if anything will just help you chill. It is particularly good toward the end of pregnancy when you are prone to leg cramps.

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