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    hi all, support is great when your losing weight . i need as much as i can get. i’ve lost 9.5lbs with weight watchers but have a lot of physical problems. my doctor has recommended aqua aerobics (have sciatica and arthritis done my left leg). really want to exercise but need some recommendations on where can do this. drogheda area would be best. let me know :lol:


    Hi Jayne,

    They do aqua-aerobics in Aura Leisure Centre on Rathmullen Road.


    thanks, i"ll contact them asap, need the exercise. it’s amazing how quick it piles on when ur not active. 😛


    Mon / Wed/ Friday at 11am and again at 8pm

    It is really good


    Thank you libby.
    I’m in the process of organising a childminder to help me out.
    Can’t wait to get started 🙂


    I’m thinking about WW. Never done it before.
    I looked at the books (lend from a friend) and have few questions.

    How many points for 100g of fish (do you really look at the kind of fish or you do an average count?)
    And same question for beef meat.
    And why is mince so much higher than steak?

    I generally do a bit of cycling, do I give myself some bonus point or bonus points just for the extra sport I’ll do (not the one I currently do)?

    I’ll not go to meetings yet as I’m going away soon, but I’d like to do something a bit by myself before.
    And about meetings read on this site that wed evening meeting in B court Bettystown the man is not great, can’t during school holidays go to morning meeting.

    If you have any advice, they’ll be welcome.



    Hi Fabienne,

    you have to look at the kind of fish, 100g of salmon steak would be 3 points, cod 90g is 1 point.

    beef mince is 140g is 7 pnts,fillet steak 105g is 3 points

    mince would have fat in it, while the steak fat can be cut off.

    u do gain points for your activity, depending on how long intense and your weight.

    ger in mell is great. i go to her meetings all the time now. stay for class because u hear loads of tips and meal advice. log onto http://www.weightwatchers.ie for class times. meal options and how to work out ur goals.

    i’ve lost 16lbs in 6 weeks and have gone down a dress size 😀



    Thank you for your answer.
    I’m just really surprised that 100g salmon = 105 beef
    The fact that’s omega something oil (good for you) instead or meat oil not so great doesn’t seems to count much, but in both cases the calories are there, hence so many points.

    The mell it’s in Drogheda and I don’t really plan to drive that far every week, and if I miss I still have to pay. That’s why I’ll go local then I’ll really go to weekly meetings.

    But I’ll join after my hol.

    I’m doing a bit more activity.
    But I’ll always snack before my diner when I’ve a bit of time off when kids are in bath with dh.

    I’ll just have to find something else relaxing to do rather than eating toasts.

    Second ok so far 😀

    Thank you again Jayne, and well done 16lbs!

    Read you soon again.


    Jayne and all,

    I need your help until I go to my first meeting in few weeks.

    I started my diet on monday, going well so far.
    Too well mayb,e as I eat only max 18 points a day. I’m a bit hungry but ok, not so bad.
    I’m afraid that if I don’t eat more like 20 points (my max is 22), I’ll not be able to do it on the long run, and really change my food habbits.
    But then feel guilty at the start of my diet to eat a slice of bread, that will still be in my daily allowance.

    What did you do at first? Over diet and then regulate slowly or plan and eat all of your points?

    My plan for my glass of wine in the WE is to gain it with exercice rather than by saving daily.

    Give me all you advices, can’t join now because of coming holidays.
    My aim is not to fit in summer clothes now (too late for a quick fix and don’t want to), it’s more feeling well in few months.



    make a pot of 0 point soup, it’ll fill u when u need it. recipe is on the web site.

    replace some spuds with butternut squash, it’s 0 points and has the same consistency as potatoes and the whole family enjoy it. buy herbs to flavour everything.

    soy sauce is great as well as a sauce for ur chinese meals

    replace cooking oil and olive oil with the 1 cal spray, it’s 0 points too

    use ryvita bread as a replacement for lunches. bread is 1 point and they’re 1/2 point. low fat soft cheese and tomatotes and cucumber to top them. u can have 4 and the whole lunch comes to 3 points. you’ll be full after them.

    weetabix is 1 point each and 100ml of milk is 1point. 3 point breakfast.

    that’s six points. 12 left for dinner and most come to seven, enjoy a snack then with ur tea


    i snack on sugar snap peas ans cherry tomatoes which are 0 points and can fill you up


    Hi I have been on ww since the end of april and have lost 22 lbs. I am feeling great and combining my diet with cycling my bike 3 times a week. I was a non-believer in ww but am totally converted now. It is a lifestyle and not a diet. You have to make changes to your diet and cut out all the snacking. But you can treat yourself and continue on the following day.I recently went on hols for a long time and came back and found I had lost 4 1/2 lbs during 5 weeks and I didnt scrimp on what I wanted to eat. Go to the meetings because that is where you get all the tips and hints and encouragement to continue the following week even when you are feeling down about the whole thing. The thing I treat myself with is Diet or Zero coke. It is the something sweet I need to help me get through. It is 0 points and is well worth it. Also a bagel with extra light cream cheese and salmon is 4 points and a very filling lunch. One other point is if you can find a friend to go with and follow the ww together it is all the better as then you can share the ups and downs of the whole process and keep each other motivated.

    Best of luck.


    hi iv just join ww and looking for as much tips i can get .does any 1 know the points in a bottle of coor light and what points are in a take away chicken curry with fried rice. thanks


    I think coors light is 1 or 2 im not sure i know bulmers light is 1.

    as for chicken curry and fried rice, well i reckon that would be farily high fried rice is prob around the 8-10 mark by itself!! its hard to point takeaways, but lets just say they are all really high in points.


    Coors Lite or any lite beer is 1 and a half points.

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