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    I need advice over my weight, I just keep putting on weight and its doing my head in!
    I never had a serious weight problem, I could without effort drop a few pounds in a week or two. But now im putting on 2lbs here and 2lbs there, I put up 2lbs this week. After eating well and in the gym 4 times last week :roll:

    Im eating well, I eat breakfast everyday, i would have cereal or Porridge, yes i use full fat milk as i dont like skimmed stuff.
    Lunch i would have homemade soup & brown bread or Poached eggs on brown bread. I do eat well, i would eat alot of high protein foods and im never hungry. Its not that im not eating, i eat plenty.
    Dinners would be salads, with grilled chicken. I have cut back on portions of pasta and spuds since xmas.
    I would have a take away one night at the weekend, it could be chinese, Chipper or Mc Donalds. I dont go mad, i still eat small portions. Dh and i would split a main from the chinese, nothing ott.
    I try to drink water and eat fruit…. if i have a treat i would have popcorn or a yogurt, i have really tired to cut down on treats and im doing really well. I do have a drink at the weekend, but if im sitting in i would only have 2 or 3 beers watching a DVD and a few more on a night out.
    Im eating much better then i was last year and im working out 4 times a week if not more! My weight is just going up and up :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    I would say im at the heaviest i have been in my life! There is Thyroid trouble in the family, i got my Gp to check me twice last year and its all clear….
    What am i doing wrong? Anyone got any advice or tips?


    Maybe you are putting on muscle with all the working out – how do your clothes feel on you? I tend to go by my clothes, rather than weighing myself.


    Have u tried Sliiming World at all. It works really well for me..
    Leaflets went in the doors last week for a group in Ballsgrove..

    I just notice if u can cut out the bread at lunch time that might help, because u already had the porridge which is a Healthy B – and u should only have one…


    I dont eat that much bread, i would have one slice of wholemeal with Eggs, i try to eat eggs every other day for lunch. Or baked potato with beans or something like that.

    I joined a Gym and im working out hard and a small bit of swimming! But tbh i really regret joining the Gym. I used to just do classes in Labfitness then with Carol Cromwell fitness in Greenhills, you would get a great work out and they were fun but hard workouts, but you would see the results in no time at all.
    Im just so fed up not seeing results

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    Taylor, do you keep a detailed food diary? That would be step one with every detail, quantity, how cooked, anything added (like salt) and a better look can be had. At first glimpse, considering you’re already doing good training, I would drop the beer (or swap to something lighter, swap the bread for ryvita or ricecakes and just eat the egg whites (dump the yokes). The takeaway (depending on what you get) could be undoing a couple of days of hard work. Ming garden in Trinity street have a slimming world menu now and it’s actually nice. You can taste that it seems "lighter" but it’s still tasty. That could be worth a swap.


    Taylor – I think you look fab. You look very healthy and toned. If you want to come to some classes at LabFitness with me, let me know. That will sweat the arse off you – literally!!!!

    Libby – what would be a typical day’s eating plan for someone in slimming world? I keep hearing its great and very easy but wondering what makes it different from the WW and Unislims etc???


    hi Taylor,

    i just finished my level 3 metabolic nutrition certification and i can tell you you are eating a lot of stuff that your body can not deal with no matter how much exercise you do.

    fat loss (something totally different to weight loss) is all down to hormone levels…if cortisol, insulin, testosterone and HGH are at the wrong levels, no matter how little you eat and how much you exercise, you wont loose any pounds.

    I have taken 12 people for free as part of my certification project and in 10 days so far every single one of them has noticed their tummy 10 times flatter, smaller bum, twice the energy and improve sleep… and they still have 3 weeks to go…

    i know this has been at you for some time, so i would welcome you to be part of this group for free with a couple of conditions:

    1. ditch the scale for 28 days
    2. follow my fat loss metabolic plan

    let me know if you are interested.


    Laura i would be delighted…. i thought i was eating well lol

    I would never had to watch what i was eating in the past, i would just cut out a bit of crap and i would drop the pounds.

    FA I would only have a few beers at the weekend, I would rather go for a bit of a run to fit in a few beers.

    The Boys get Pizza on Fridays, I just a homemade chicken curry…. i know how its cooked and whats in it (no cream and tiny bit of oil to fry off the chicken)

    Sabbi i put on a full stone over the xmas!! 😳 Just enjoying life too much. You havent seen me in a long while….. my jeans dont even fit me anymore

    Libby im not really into diets at all, but i do know people are getting great results. My sister is now 8st 7Ibs in a few months, she was 10st 10Ibs when she started.


    Thats Great Taylor that Laura has offered her services to you for free,let us all know how you get on with it.

    Im sure you will be fititng into your jeans again in no time 🙂


    Taylor – You got a great opportunity from Laura, you will have to keep us informed

    I too dont like diets..
    SW is about Healthy eating, changing your way of eating.. My family all do, every thing in Moderation..

    Typical Day:
    Breakfast – Weetabix or Porridge with Chopped Fruit – (I normally have muller light and fruit)
    Weekend.. Grilled Bacon (no fat) tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled egg & baked beans, sauted potates – using fry oil low calorie spray..

    fruit throughout day or veg,, carrot sticks, celery etc

    Lunch – Veg soup / baked potatoes & salad / tuna salad…

    Dinner – can be as much meat (fat free),fish,chicken,veg-no butter or oil to be used in cooking..rice or pasta

    All butter,sauces or fattyfoods have to be syn- u can have 12-15syns perday

    Loads of water too

    loads of recipes on slimming world site..


    I know Libby, my sister has my mother on it too. I just dont or cant diet, if i was to even think i was on a diet programme i would crave the wrong foods.

    I try to rob a bit of SW. How are you doing Libby? I know girls, im very lucky with the offer. I will indeed let you all know how i get on.

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