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    Hi all,
    One of my resolutions this year is to try and make a household budget and stick to it. I have been a SAHM now for 4 years but still spend as though I am still receiving my monthly pay cheque . At present I spend between €120-€150 on food a week. There are 4 in the family -2 small children -3 and 5 and myself and husband. How much do you all budget per weekly shop?


    This is a bone of contention in this house.
    Im a sahm and I only shop for 2 adults and 1 two year old, who is still in nappies, he eats anything we eat so no real extras for him on the bill, but I struggle to keep the shopping between 150 and 180 per week, plus I shop daily in the butchers (dont buy meat in the supermarket)
    I do buy dh lunch for the week, this includes mars bars and cans of coke for him etc…
    Im really finding the grocery bill increasing on a monthly basis…. I do refuse to shop in Lidl or Aldi (if you shop there please dont take offence as it a personal choice) as Im a bit of a food snob, would shop in superquinn if we had one here.



    I have decided to do one main shop per month in SuperQuinn or Tesco’s and to buy other weeks in Alidi

    My Shopping varies from €150 – 180 per week less in Alidi
    I shop for 2 Adults and 2 Children 6+9.
    I still buy Milk and Bread every second day

    Hope i can stick to it


    me too, I do try to stick to a budget but never do 😳

    Think a good idea is to make a list and stick to it, which I can never do either, might try for the new year too.

    Im also sick of throwing out food, such a waste, must try better not to do this.

    My shopping tends to be around €120 – €150 per week now, not including the daily trips to the shops for milk and bread.

    Anyone know when the new Tescos is meant to be built?


    Trixie Im like you, fed up of over cooking and feckin food out.
    I always make more dinner then needed and throw spuds,rice, mince etc into the bin. Might start a new year thrifty spree and only buy or cook what I need or even a little less… might start buying 3/4 or a pound of mince rather then the pound and feckin it out.
    We dont drink anymore but when we did we would have had about 50 euro a week on booze (wine and a tray of bud every other week) God dont think I could afford to drink now.


    We spend about €100 per week on shopping… its alot less that everyone else! But I don’t have to make loads of dinners, E gets hers in the minders, DH gets his at lunch in work so never wants anything big in the evenings… makes my life a good bit easier too! I generally shop in Dunnes, have tried Aldi and Lidl but they are not for me…


    only do my shopping once a month and stock up on meat and stuff which is usually around €250 , then i spend about €30 a week on fresh fruit, veg and yougurts, the usual stuff that goes off.

    only buy for 1 adult and 1 child.


    Ours would be about 150 -160 per week I would spend half in Aldi and half in Supervalue , you cant bear Aldi for juice , fruit and veg and household cleaners.
    One week a month I dont go shopping at all and use up everthing in my freezers and cupborads and get imaginitive just get in freash bread and milk, it is a great idea because otherwise you end up with a glut of food in the house.

    If you plan your meals it is much cheaper too


    i usually do my big shopping every 2 weeks and spend about 150 – 200 euro between aldi and tescos. i do spend more in between on bread and meat.

    cant wait till tesco opens. think the one in bettystown is meant to open in the spring this year.


    Where is the new Tesco opening?


    It is somewhere near Lidl on the Donore road, it hasnt even started yet as it might take a few months or years!


    Thanks a million for feedback.I think I’ll try and stick to €120 and see how I get on. Have just started shopping Tesco on-line and this seems to be saving me a few bob as do not have kids and husband putting stuff in the trolley. Also at least I’m not hungry and can think a bit clearer. Its also great as it adds up automatically as you shop so the plan is, if I go over I have to take stuff out??Also, think I might try and not shop once week a month and be inventive as suggested! Will need to minimise times I go down town also as I seem to spend everytime I do.


    I won’t hijack this thread to do my rant about Tesco online but am just wondering, has anyone else had big problems with them? I used to use them all the time but have just had a HUGE fight with their customer services. 👿 Was I just unlucky? Ggggrrrr

    Are there any other shops who do online shopping around here?


    Have not been using them that long and so far so good. Am intrigued? What happened?


    my shopping for 1.5 adults & 2 small people is about 400 a month I shop weekly but could be 50 this week 150 next week so evens out about 400 a month.

    Have never shopped online like to pick my own fresh stuff

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