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    Hello all

    Im new to this signed up today and was wondering if any mothers out there may have experience with a fussy feeder.

    My son is 17 weeks old and since he was born has been terrible for taking his bottles some days he is good but most days I am nearly fighting with him to take them most he has ever taken in one day was 28 ounces and that was with me in shock!!! He takes a max around 22 ounces a day and on a few days only 16…I have started him on solids since last week which he seems to like…I have to say I find the health clinic in Drogheda very very unhelpful I have rang four times to get talking to a health nurse and they are never there and Im told to ring back and when I do they are out on calls or in the swine flu clinic i just really want to know that he is ok. He is a lively little thing full of character and seems happy with what he takes…I know they say also not to compare two kids but my first boy was great and Im exhausted some days trying to feed him and have found myself dreading feeding him which is a terrible way to feel :cry:

    Did any mums out there go through this???


    Hi Peanut, just thought I’d drop you a line – I don’t have much to contribute but definitely feel for you – I hope you get lots of helpful replies/suggestions! My little boy has always been a hungry one – and with him i just tried to follow cues as I didn’t have a clue what to do and didn’t feel up to following strict schedules. Fed him when hungry and stopped when he showed signs of disinterest. Did the same then when he started on solids.

    Sounds like your little one is doing well and has loads of energy and character. One thing that springs to my mind now is what I read that babies have an in-built instinct to survive (so they will feed when they are hungry) — but I know sometimes it can really be frustrating when the bottle, so lovingly prepared, goes to waste! not to mention the worry ‘is he getting enough?’

    Anyway, best wishes to you!


    Sounds like he is doing well.. and you started him on solids 😀 agree with Corinna he will take what he wants. My son is 17weeks this saturday i only started him on solids today really ( he hated the rice so gave him the sunshine orange.
    ps WElcome to the site 😀 😀


    Hi Peanut75,

    Just saw your post one the opening page and reminded me of my DD when she was that age. She is 3 now…

    Look, don’t worry about it, honestly. Mine took even less than that and ya know what, to this day she still only eats tiny amounts at a time. She’s strong, healthy and full of life.

    I know, it’s exhausting, I was the exact same. I have to agree with Corinne9 and rossylisa; he will take what he wants. Try not to worry because I reckon that’s why you’re exhausted.

    I would, however, suggest you make sure his weight is in keeping with his age…

    Best of luck Hun


    Hello Girls

    Thanks for your replies. I have tried my best not to worry about it as I can see he is happy and content have just giving him his first bottle this morning took me an hour to get four ounces into him that is the max he will go maybe he just doesn’t enjoy bottles 😀

    Yes I started him on solids last week due to him not drinking his bottles I still give him his bottles first though well as much as he will take I try to get a certain amount into him before his cereal in the morning as I know most of what they need is in their bottles.

    The thing is I have a son already who was a gussler and I think that is why I am more in shock he drank all his bottles and loved them so I was stupidly expecting this little man here to be the same, I know "no two kids are the same" mind you baby is more alert and alot more active then big bro was, big bro is still a lazy kid 😆

    No I am really trying not to worry it is just when you read what they should be drinking and it is way less you do worry and I know these two are only guidelines and I keep telling myself he is not going to let himself starve either

    Again thanks so much for replying I didn’t know where to turn to as I said PHN is hopeless to get through to and my GP when I went didn’t know what to be saying to me

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2010 xxx


    Oh Rosylisa he hated that too can’t say I blame them it is tasteless he loves the sunshine orange and banana and boots do a great selection of their own cereals which he loves so you should have a look in there 😉


    As long as he is putting on some weight and seems happy, try not to fret – the solids will help enormously, pureed pear work? went doen a treat with mine?

    U will get loads hints and tips on every topic under the sun on here – welcome and enjoy!


    As long as he is putting on weight plenty of wet and dirty nappies, well dont worry… some kids just fuss on bottles.
    just a few questons….
    Do you give cold or warm formula? My ds was very fussy when he went onto formula, he wanted his formula warm like his booby milk…. yet know other babies who only like cold formula….
    What bottles are you using? Is he sucking on the treat or just playing about with in his mouth….. (tommee and Avent have cherry teat, Nuk have a flat teat)
    Some babies just dont like certain shape teats…. or he could be just lazy!

    Do you have him on a comfort (thicker) formula? If yes, you need to use a fast flow teat….. not a slow flow teat.
    You could take a chance to change to a med flow teat as he maybe a bit lazy, if you do make sure the doesnt choke on too fast a flow or upchuck after the feed!!!!
    When i worked in the chemist we would have many many mums in looking for help, call to your local chemist and if they have a "baby section member of staff" they will help you with the above idea and maybe purchase new teats or a new bottle to try out……
    All babies are different and feed different, my ds1 would polish off 9oz in minutes as ds2 would take much longer…..
    You will get there in the end and you will have a happy little boy


    my dd at that age loved to have her formula right out of the fridge i thought it would make her sick it never did she hated the warm milk she would actually be sick with it i started her at 14 weeks on solids . she is 3 now and loves a cold glass of cows milk right before bed.


    Happy New Year girls firstly

    Oh I have tried everything I spent a fortune changing bottles teats formula once even and nothing matters at all I think at the end of the day he just is not that fussed on the milk. I tried it warm cold room temp everything you name it I have tried it and to no avail

    Taylor he is playing with it he sucks maybe an ounce sometimes and then starts talking up to me and rolling it around his tongue

    I had him on cow and gate comfort and had to take him off it lets just say it ran through him he is now on Aptamil I have him on the number two teats from one and he seems fine with them I might try to the three teat size and see just don’t want it coming out too fast for him 🙂

    Thanking you all again look forward to learning more from this website xxx


    he is messing with you then dd used to do it all the time it got very annoying after a while i stopped giving her the bottle when she started that then when she noticed after a while the bottle disappeared she would cry for it and then drink a hole bottle it was a little cruel but it did work.


    Is he a big enough child? my ds on maxi size teats at about 4 months, if not sooner, maybe 3 months. but then he defo a maxi size child!

    Could be, funnily enough, that if he on size 2 teats, he actually feels like he not getting it quickly/easily enough iykwim. I would defo try him on next size teats if i were u – u will find out quickly enough if coming too quick as it will dribble out sides of his mouth consistently. If it comin fac-ster and he not havin to suck as hard, he may take more.

    Mind u, it’s 2 yrs since I was givin bottles, so may be totally msremembering, but still don’t think it could harm to try larger teat as you can always go back to smaller if not working.



    Hi, know you can worry about any baby are they getting enough to drink but it was only when I was breastfeeding my 4th baby after bottle feeding 3 that I realised I hadn’t a clue how much milk he was actually getting. I just fed him when he was hungry and looking for milk. And he was fine. When I had my 5th baby who prefered bottle feeding, I didn’t stress too much over what he was taking as if I knew if I was breastfeeding him I wouldnt have been able to gauge it exactly anyway.

    I gauged it more by if he had wet nappies, was alert and growing etc. Agree with hjs that the teats can play a big part for some babies. If a baby is a good size baby they may need the bigger teat as if they have to suck too hard it can be tiring and just put them off trying.

    Just from my own experiences…. 🙂


    Hi again 😀

    Thanks so much for the advice it is good to know that there are other mothers out there who understand my worries and that I can chat with

    Up until about three weeks ago he was only the flow one of Avent and I changed this to the two flow and he didn’t like it at all at first made no difference to how much he took so I will leave him on the number two ones for a while yet don’t want to distress him anymore 🙂

    I was thinking that re the breat feeding how they don’t know how much their little ones are taking and I have made a new years resolution to stop worrying so much about it as I said he is very advanced and is bright and happy and has started today to roll and push himself up on his arms….

    Thanks so much for your replies as I said it just really worried me because of the way my first son was so hungry and this little cherub so fussy 🙂

    Mummy5 five children wow I think two will be my max my friend has four and is so relaxed with each of them I think you have to be that way inclined to have more then two not like me a worry nut!!!!

    Thanks again so much and looking forward to more posts on mumstown xxx


    Well Peanut75, in my own experience, I found the first the hardest by far. I knew nothing and was in tears with my baby so much. By number two I felt confident handling her but wasn’t ready for the shock of having to look after two children and have two wanting my attention at the same time. That was hard work. By number three I was really looking forward to everything. I wasn’t prepared for the shock of having a baby with special needs. However, I loved her so much and just got on with the special job of being her Mum. Hard but very rewarding. I had my 4th baby boy and found it a little harder because I also had his 2yr old sister to look after and she used a wheelchair. Was very hard to get out and about as I only had one pair of hands. My little girl sadly died in 2005 but I did go on to have baby no.5 2yrs later. And as I always say I was like a first time mam again, so excited but with confidence. I enjoyed every minute of him being a baby and even enjoyed the night feeds as this was very special time with just me and him. I think after loosing my little girl I appreciated this new life in our family so much more having felt so much sadness in our family He helped bring laughter and smiles back into our lives again. But to this day, he is 20mths now, I totally enjoy having all the children. Its not like the ‘Waltons’ but there is nothing like watching them all together. When I see the 14yr old playing with her 20mth baby brother its really special. She may be a teenager but loves mammying him. And would you believe I was the young woman who thought I might have one baby in my late 30’s 😆 little did I know. But no regrets.

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