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    Hi Folks.

    I just thought I would let ye know that as well as doing "In Home family portraits" as per my display at our gettogether in The Lawrence Centre earlier this month, I am also available for weddings and from now until the end of August I am delighted to announce that I can now include 3 Personal Training sessions and 1 mini consultation with the guys in Educogym absolutely free to anyone who books their wedding with me within that time.

    I can personally recommend Educogym’s system as I have just completed a programme with them and lost 10lbs in 12 days while at the same time gaining 3lb of muscle! I am absolutely delighted! :D . Im not sure if I have the courage to post my before and after photos on my website yet though. :lol:

    Feeling the burn!


    That’s great news Barry, have you got information on your website about Weddings and the other services your provide?



    I was just wondering does anybody know anyone getting married in The Glebe House in Dowth anytime soon. I was at a wedding there recently as a guest (I didnt even bring so much as a compact camera with me!) and I thought the venue was fantastic!! I would love to shoot a wedding there, so much so that I would be happy to give a very good discount to any Bride and Groom planning a wedding there this year or next. So if you hear or know of anyone getting married there I would love to have a yap with them.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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