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    I’m asking for a friend who is getting married in a top hotel in Dublin in two months time but is one the look out for somethiing different gor favours or entertainment
    She was going to do charity favours or a vintage style sweet trolley or singing waiters but a friend who got married did that and she is being a little nasty to her ref doing things similar
    It’s a civil service blessing and they got standard invites made word wise that happened to be the same as her friend an she was like oh you are copying me….
    Anyway she said this girl is just at her laughing saying bar the dresses and the hotel it may aswell be a mini version of my wedding
    What a cow anyway thi girl is a little upset by it but wants to add something different to the day
    Has anyone for any ideas?


    Excuse spelling it’s the darn phone


    Oh dear…. 🙁


    Something I’ve seen lately on a friend’s photos overseas…. which I think is lovely…

    Is a "friendship tree"…. where guests write little note / their wishes for the happy couple on cards and they are pinned to a little tree display….
    very simple, but lovely…. … =3&theater
    Or something like this.. also very sweet….

    I’ll try and think of a few other things….


    A couple who got married, not them but one of the bridesmaid did organise it as a surprise for the couple but the couple can do it as well.
    Each guest got an individually wrapped chocolate square or stick and a post it.
    The idea is the guest writte something on the post it, wrapped it after around the chocolate. The everyday after their coffee the couple open 1 chocolate so everyday they can read one comment – joke – that one of the guest from their wedding wrote. Nice way to remember that special day.

    But yes I know it doesn’t reply to your question as you’re looking for guest partu favors not the other way around. But still nice to share as I thought it was lovely.



    What a witch the other one is being!

    Scratch cards..always bring an element of fun..

    HMM had forms for betting on the length of certain speeches, that was great craic!

    Seen on a website, little packets of seeds for guests to plant, nice memory of the day..

    Personalised wine charms are cute too..


    Brides can be so bitchy. So glad that i got married years ago when i was young & easily pleased and there wasnt all the fuss that there is now.

    We got Kinder Eggs at one wedding, it was good fun at the table putting them together – saying that was years ago, they are not as complicated now.

    At my wedding we had a limerick competition – we wrote the first line & the guests wrote the rest. Such as "John & Mary Met in Australia……………" – The bestman read them out at the speeches which was really fuuny & we had spot prizes for the ones we enjoyed the most. i kept them all, love reading them now, they still make me laugh.


    MaryE LOVE that limerick idea….. brilliant! 😆


    The limerick idea is sooo funny!!!

    What a bitch, there is only so much you can do at a wedding, its not like she is trying to copy this girl…. but you’ve been to 1 you have been to them all iykwim.

    I was at a wedding and they had a blackjack table and roulette wheel, great fun.


    How about they release balloons into the air with little bags of seeds attached to them so that when they land, the seeds can fall into the ground and maybe some flowers will spring up as a result of the day?

    Or they could release chinese lanterns into the air in the evening when its getting dark?

    As for her frenemy – what a cow!!!


    Yeah, the limericks were good fun alright.

    It was my dad who came up with the idea actually & he arranged it all.

    They had to be censored though, a few couldn’t be read out , as at the time i was a banker and what rhymes with banker?

    LOL Anyway i kept them all & they still make me laugh.


    They could release floating chinese lanterns with lights in them at nighttime, that looks lovely.


    Or how about doing something Euro 2012 themed, like putting all the teams into a bag and getting each table to pull out a team and then the winning table gets a few bottles of wine or something?

    there is a lot of football fever at the moment, we are decorating our house with Ireland coloured bunting for next weekend

    Or you could get little brides & groom figurines and put them in ice cubes and the first person whose ice cube melts, wins a prize. I saw this done at a baby shower and it was great craic.


    Thanks everyone will forward on ideas
    Great ones there will let ya know what happens

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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