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    Wondering what is best when giving a wedding gift.

    What would be the ‘appropriate’ amount to put in a card when attending a full day wedding of an acquaintance. Should it matter if out of work/working or does that have no bearing on a suitable gift. Given the current climate I’m sure brides and grooms appreciate money but equally people are more strapped for cash and going to a wedding can cost a lot in itself even before the present.

    Not sure on buying a gift as most couples have their homes set up before the wedding and unless they have a specified list it can be hard to know their taste.


    Gift vouchers or money is probably best. Depends on how close you are to the person, for an acquaintance/friend, would probably give €100.

    Or, have a look on sites like Buy4now, Gifts4U, Top Gifts and see what offers there are. Sometimes you can buy vouchers and get some free or there might be some good gifts on there that would be nice for a wedding, like bathrobes or towels with their names on them that would be less expensive?

    In the current climate brides & grooms have much lower expectations and should be happy you are able to attend their big day, I think the emphasis has shifted away from gifts and big spending somewhat.

    Or you could give them a voucher for a restaurant they like? Just make sure its a secure restaurant and not likely to go bust!!



    Money …


    I would give money but your expected to give in or around 100e, thats A HELL OF A LOT if your unemployed. If you shop about you could pick up a new newbridge or the likes on sale, if you buy a gift nobody know how much it cost….. I think if it was me i would rather have NO GIFT and have the person at my wedding or no gift then see somebody put pressure on themselves to give whats expected then what they can afford iykwim


    If you know where they are going for their honeymoon, why don’t you give some money in the local currency? You can give a round amount but at the end give less than the 100 (average amount I belive given at weddings).

    Just an idea.


    North Star

    The best gift for wedding is Wedding Caricature! It’s funny and unforgettable. Portrait of the couple will be forever on their wall) By the way I was looking for such a website where I can order such a cartoon online and that what I found: I’ll order cartoon of my friends here soon.


    I would ask the bride and groom what they want.

    Most couples end up with loads of vases, frames, lamps etc and sometimes what they would like is money.

    Or do what we did – make a wedding list! We did a list in Arnott’s and its is free to do and the gifts and wrapped and shipped to a chosen address free or charge and can start from as little as 10 or 20 euro. It was such a brill thing to do because we lived in our house for 2 years they the time we got married and we put only things we really needed or wanted on the list.

    I know it sounds a bit cheeky to some people but honestly its brilliant. And afterwards people told us it was really handy – all they had to do was call Arnotts, ask for our wedding list, say how much they wanted to spend and the gift was wrapped saying it was from them and shipped to the address we chose. Easy peasy!!!!


    Love these guys for quirky wedding gifts –

    We got my sister a family tree made as a wedding present!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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