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    advice needed on "schedule" of feeding pattern for 4-6mth old. Last wk, I have started with 1 spoon of baby rice at lunch time. tomorrow I plan to make some fruit purees etc and freeze for the coming wks. just need an idea of what type of food to give at what time of the day for this age bracket. ie, morning bottle only? lunchtime – sweet potato? tea time – pear puree? don’t want to overfeed baby.

    if anyone knows of a "wall chart" where I could get one etc or advice on the above, would greatly appreciate.thks.


    i dont think you could overfeed baby,they would spit it out.might do that anyway because of new taste.if they do, leave it for another day and try again.i think all babies are different.good luck with it


    Annabel Karmel has a fantastic book for babies – Annabel Karmel Baby & toddlers meal planners. She does all the recipes from weaning, to first tastes, after first tastes accepted etc and includes meal planners. I have found it invaluable as would have no idea of quantities or the right types of food to feed ds otherwise. Don’t abide strictly by what she says regrding amounts though as I didn’t start feeding solids till 6 months and her quantities were for a younger baby. But your LO will dictate exactly how much they want. If you have a little boy like mine you won’t be able to feed him enough!! 😀 [/u]


    my kids found the baby rice bland and loved the sunshine orange …


    I found that my little ones always preferred homemade purees to any of the powdered stuff, but it was really useful to blend the fruit purees with baby rice to keep the flavours from being overpowering for a while. Also freezing the puree in an ice cube tray was handy too as they eat so little to start with.
    In terms of what to give when, I always tried to give him something similar to what we would eat ie milk/cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and maybe some sweet potato for tea (my kids loved this! – buy them in lidl, much cheaper than the big supermarkets).
    Another tip is to cook the fruit/veg in the microwave as you use less water and can cook small amounts easier than in a pot.
    As time goes by you can try blending stew and other meals before the salt for the adults goes in or the strong flavours and mine loved diff kinds of risotto as well, cooked really well so it was soft and mushy!
    Good luck!


    They seem to like sweet fruits and veg first, as breast milk and formula are quite sweet tasting.

    I started off with little bit of mashed banana and then moved onto to steamed & pureed apple & pears. Then, after a few weeks I started to add some carrots and sweet potatoes and gradually started to add courgettes, peppers etc. by time they were 7-8 months old.

    I found it hard to get potatoes, broccoli and turnips etc into my little ones so I always mixed apple or pear into the veggie purees I made.

    It’s all about trial and error I think. There were several pots of pureed fruit & veg thrown out before they decided which ones they liked.

    I have 3 children and they were all different so it depends on the baby’s own tastes too.

    Good luck!!


    Hi there

    well I started like yourself baby rice then next day maybe I would put a spoon of fruit puree once he was taking that okay would start on another meal like teatime, I would introduce, rusk mixed with bit of his baby milk once he was taking both meals okay I then introduced the baby cereal…
    you kinda just keep introduing lil bits at a time now hes 8 months and has his 3 meals a day and 3 bottles…

    Ps I didn’t go reducing his bottles til he was taking his first meal okay…

    super minder

    all the girls are right in what there saying pet . but keep the 3 day rule in mind, give new food and if the is no signs of reaction of any kind then give the baby it again.

    and have fun with food mix and match. love sabbi idea of fruit and veg together as some veg are too strong or bitter.

    good luck and let us know how things are going xxx


    My last little lad just didn’t do bland foods. He never ate the veg/fruit purees etc. just spit them back out. Took time to work out he just liked strong flavours. He is now 12mths old but still loves strong flavours. I really just give what we are eating now…some of his favs are

    Spag bol.with garlic
    Stew with worchester sauce
    Salmon and dill sauce
    Chicken, garlic potatoes,veg.

    Used some of the baby ready made sauces/gravies to add to foods like veg and potato for flavor if in a hurry.

    He was the first of mine to not like the ‘baby’ type purees I made but just shows they can be different.


    Meant to say that you can buy special trays in boots that are bigger than the ice-cube(a good investment) trays…..fed with 1 cube, then 1 large plus 1 small cube, then 2 large cubes etc. Handy way of knowing how much to give them and what amount works. I froze the food cubes and then transfered them to a freezer bag, labelled and had the food cube tray ready to use again. This way keep selection of food in freezer.

    Also a tip for defrosting the food …….I put the cubes into a small freezer bag, then pop into a travel mug of boiling water. The travel mug keeps the water hot, this defrosts the food. When defrosted put fresh boiled water in the mug and this heated up food ready for eating. This handy for when out and want to heat up food too.

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