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    Hi. I’m writing an article for Maternity & Infant magazine about weaning your baby on to solids. If you’ve had any experience of doing this, would you mind dropping me a short paragraph about how you went about it and any tips you have? I’d also need a photo of you and your kids, plus names, ages and where you’re from. It would be fantastic to hear from you if you can help. My deadline is Friday of this week… Thanks a million! My email address is hpereira8@aol.com



    We did this recently and we let her do some baby led weaning but then we fed her also, as we were not sure she was getting enough by eating on her own.

    She still has her bottle in the morning – we mix half of it with her breakfast which is ReadyBrek & Banana Porridge mix and then we give her the other half around 11.30 when she goes down for her nap.

    For lunch she might have pasta or soup with crackers and bread. She sometimes will have a bit of mashed potato or some cheese, tomato, ham and bread cut up on her plate (she enjoys this but the place is a total mess afterwards!)

    For snacks we give her rice cakes, crackers, melon, strawberries, yoghurts, fruit pots – she loves all that.

    For dinner we steam or roast some salmon or chicken with green beans and potatoes or rice or noodles. She is 13 months now and is eating alot of the same food as us – although her food is not spicy like ours can be.

    Weaning can be hard – some days she just does not want to eat and will have more bottles than usual but thankfully, more often than not she is a good eater.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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