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    According to Brian Cowen, we the people of Ireland should not be ashamed or embarrassed that the IMF is coming in to see about assisting us…..

    What planet is the man on? What have we to be ashamed and embarrassed about, we didn’t cause it.

    We should have sympathy for the IMF because we too know what its like to have to pay to clean up the mess!


    Totally agree with you Sparklycake, we the ordinary decent people of Ireland have nothing to be ashamed or embarassed for but I do hope that Brian Cowen, his FF and Green Party colleagues are.

    They are the ones that have had their heads buried in the sand for the last couple of yrs. Brian Lenihan told us a couple of months ago that we had turned a corner and things were looking up 👿 👿 👿


    I am ashamed and embarassed 😳 😳

    I was chatting with my brother in law tonight on the phone, he lives in Jersey and he was saying how sorry he is to hear how bad things are in Ireland. It is in the news over there and they are a tiny little island with no interest in us but even they feel sorry for us. Mortifying!!

    I had to explain to him that we did not actually elect Brain Cowen and he said well that was a relief, at least we did not put him up there deliberately! What does that say about our leader 😳

    It is soul destroying what the government has done to our country, when I think about how hard we all worked to get where we are and now we are all in the doghouse because of complete mismanagement and it will be us, the ordinary people who will have to pay dearly for it. I get so annoyed but I don’t think that even helps – so I am trying to be positive and work hard and keep going and not let it get to me.

    But I am still proud to be Irish and I believe we will come back from this. We need an election for starters and some brains working in the dail and we’ll get there….I hope we will, we need to sort it out for our children’s sakes!


    Dont forget the Bankers and the Builders…. if you cooked the books in a small business you would be in jail!
    You cook the books in BANKS FOR BILLIONS…. and you walk away with a clap on the back and millions of a pension 😯

    Sorry Who should be ashamed and embarrassed? Well not me….. ashamed and embarrassed that i VOTED FOR THOSE IDOTS!!!!

    It goes as far back to Bertie and Charlie McCreevy, who gave money away like sweets…. "i have it so i’ll spend it!!!!!" Eh, HELLO did they never think of a rainy day?

    I was up in Newry 2 weeks ago and a man was talking to me and he asked "how are you living down south, God things are bad!!!"

    We are in the doghouse, but i think WE also have to carry some of the blame, we partied and spent like there was no tomorrow…. the banks offered loans for new cars, holidays to Florida, SUV’s and WE took it, hook line and sinker… they got the bonuses for the loans on their books etc… now we all have to carry the can FOR THE GREED OF THE CELTIC TIGER


    if and when the imf come in , will the bankers/ politicians etc be held accountable for this mess? Also did anyone see pat rabbitte on primetime last night it was brill


    Think he just has had enough


    Didnt see Prime time last night but heard about it on radio this morning so might have a look on iplayer later.


    Anyone see the front of one of the papers today, photo of the imf guys walking to leinster house and a begger sitting at a post box in the foreground with a begging up…. well the begger in the photo ON THE FRONT PAGE had Brian Cowens face 😆 😆 😆 😆


    saw that pic not the one with brian cowen face, but these boys will come in and will kick them up the arse….shake it down….it’s s shame it’s come to this but unfortunately we have no choice…


    i was in heatons and two old woman were looking at the paper one said " omg mary are things that bad?" the girl who i guessed was a daughter of one of the woman was saying "its only a camera trick,… its not real"
    how many others will think that picture was REAL? 😆 😆 😆


    You’re all right in what you’re saying to one degree or another.

    I’m sick to the teeth listening to this crap about being ashamed, humiliated etc. We don’t have the time or energy to spare for that kind of self-absorbed indulgence. Feeling sorry for ourselves won’t get us anywhere.

    It’s a financial mess alright, but we’re not the first & we won’t be the last. The IMF was in the UK in the 70s. Sweden was in a mess a decade ago. We just need to shut up moaning, face facts & get down to sorting the whole sorry situation out.

    In a way I’m glad someone is going to force the gov to take hard decisions – & I say that as a teacher who will face major pay cut & tax increases & could potenially lose her job. And I’m the only regular earner in the family with four dependents. I have no confidence in ANY politicians.

    I heard a guy on the radio today & he was the first one to talk sense. He said the country was in a mess but it was not a calamity, disaster etc. Unlike Haiti, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq etc we still have infrastructure, education system, peace, some law & order & no famine or serious health concerns (like an outbreak of cholera)…

    We need to get a grip.

    It mighn’t even be half a bad thing for kids to routinely wear hand-me-downs from older siblings, to not get everything they want as soon as they want it. Maybe we need to buy cheaper cuts of meat & eat in with family & friends more…. Ah, ye know what I mean. Starvation isn’t around the corner. We can all adapt & maybe even improve. There were lots of things about the Celtic Tiger that were downright unsavory. Maybe we’ll end up nicer people after this whole experience.


    IMF inevitable.

    Politicians of all colours and creeds in it for themselves in the first instance.

    UK news awash with Irish crisis all week, it’s not just Irish economy going doen swanny that makes it big headlies there, it cos if Ireland goes under, so many other countries in EU may topple too and euro screwed I think is their agenda.

    Soup anyone?


    Soup anyone????????

    Financial Companion

    Soup anyone????????

    LOL!! 😆

    Breaking News: Bob Geldof has just confirmed that a fundraising concert for Ireland will be held in Ethiopia at Christmas! 😆 😆 😆


    @ Taylor, am I to surmise that my reference to soup was a little unclear?

    If so, to clarify, I refer to a time in Irish history where the price of food was to rescind faith and people were said to "take the soup".

    The analogy is apt today.

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