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    My original post disappeared lol, I may have deleted it by accident, not sure.
    I was just wondering how do you ladies cope with constantly having an untidy house?
    My older sons (15, 12 and 11) are doing a great job cleaning after themselves, but my 2 year old always ads on to the house work :D. I really miss having a tidy house, a place I can actually feel relaxed but I look around and you’d usually find toys everywhere. The little man is like Speedy Gonzales, it only takes 2 seconds to be distracted and he’s off to no good :D , he’d go upstairs and take out all the clothes of the wardrobes, he’s go take my older sonsschool materials and either write on them or just use a pen, pencil or colours to write on the wall or he’d go to the bathroom and put the paper toilet in the toilet :D. I’m thinking of putting a lock on the kitchen and bathroom door so he can’t get in if I’m not there :) The funny part is that he does all those things very quickly and quietly and most of the time you won’t know unless you go into a certain room :)
    I just wish I knew a way to feel relaxed even tho the house is usually upside down :D
    I’m trying chamomile tea, it says is calming…that’s a lie :D


    I don’t think you’ll ever have a really tidy house with kids but ive started slowly but surely completely de-cluttering my house & it has helped so much.

    At first i was annoyed that i couldnt do it in all one go but ive gotten over that & aim for one press or even one shelf in a press every few days.

    Less is best, we all have way too much stuff.

    Ive gone through the toys & gave loads away, threw out broken ones etc, Then i did the books + Jugsaaws & anything that they were too big for or weren’t interested in went. Then the wardrobes, bathroom presses, kitchen presses. I put ornaments that im tired off in the attic, when i take them out in a year or two, they’ll feel like new again.

    My husband says we’ll have nothing left if i continue as im being rootless but to be honest ive found things that id forgotten i had, tidied everything up, so you can see what we have. Its made life much easier, clearer & house looks better already. Im not finished yet.

    Ive given stuff to friends, neighbours, family & SVP. Kids are actually playing with the toys that they have & happy that we’ve found all the pieces for them, now that the house is a little tidier. Its so much easier to tidy up after them too.

    Mightn’t be any harm to get some locks for the doors/ drawers to keep you little one away from older kids stuff.

    Best of luck. It can seem over whelming at first but just take it one press at a time.


    It drives me mad!!!! I clean and then, 5 mins later, the place is a mess. My worst one is school uniforms on the floor, this drives me bananas.

    I sometimes just have to leave for a while – I usually go to an exercise class and blow off some steam. That helps a bit.

    I am trying to get my children to take responsibility but it feels like it goes in one ear and out the other.

    I have a new found respect for my mother and now understand all her nagging at us when we were clotty teenagers!!!


    My attempt:

    Step one: Accept that the whole house will never be clean at the same time – so no point stressing about it

    Step two: bar kids & toys from one room (if at all possible) . We redid the sitting room when we moved in & the husband locked the door. Once the kids got used to do it, they don’t even bother to ask about going in. That adult space is really important, the room stays tidy – and it is a real treat for the kids to get in.

    In the same vein – childgate on bathroom doors & anywhere else you want to keep them out of!

    Step three: visit messier houses 😆

    Step four: re two year old. Involve him in the cleaning. (Picture this: I was in the shower on a school morning, baby on mat in front of door where I could see him, 6 year old rinsing the bath, 4 year old steam mopping the bathroom floor & two year old standing on his potty with a wet sudsy sponge cleaning the door of the shower – ‘coz its fun mammy’) PS Childgate kept them all IN bathroom, so no disaster awaiting me when I got out!

    Suds in a sink, a wet sponge or the like & my wee fella is in heaven. 😀


    I agree with pookie 4 we have our living room as a toy free zone it’s the good room and no toys r allowed. The kids can play their ds’s and computer in it but that’s it. The other room is their playroom where they can cover the place with toys without any hassle. It’s great when they go to bed that myself and dh have a clean tidy space to relax in . I definitely recommend keep one room toy free and you will feel less hassled 😀


    we redid the sitting room the jan 2012 and once all the toys left I refused point blank to have them back – they can bring toys from the lean too or their rooms to the sitting room BUT when they’re going to bed or finished with the toys they go back where they belong and I now LOVE my sitting room 😆 😆
    The girls have a lot of their toys in their bedrooms which isn’t ideal but we don’t have the space for a playroom. We have a lean too at the side of the house that has all their games/arts & crafts stuff in so it’s really only dolls/my little pony’s & books etc in their rooms

    Re clearing out toys I find it’s definitely MUCH easier if they’re not around – I went through dd2’s room on Saturday while she was out playing and threw out lots of bits & bobs


    As for kids toys, if they’re broken beyond reasonable repair, they get binned when kids not looking. I do a regular ‘look through’ of their toys & if there is something that is not being well used, I sneak it away & hide it. If it is not looked for within a month or two, I rehome (all this at a standstill now, as DS4 will be inheriting anything that survives!)



    I have become addicted to SVP for toy shopping lol. I’ve found some really great toys in there at chicken change prices, just last week I went in and bought a little motorbike in perfect working order for 50cents, he hasn’t put it down ever since 😀 The little man thinks thats a toy store and everytime we happen to be nearby he asks to go in there 😀 I’ve accumulate a bit too many toys at this point, need to stay away from SVP.

    ps. Ive got safety gates at the kitchen door and staircase now, I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner 😀 it is great 😀



    By the way, LemonB, will buzz you if look like heading Drogheda direction…


    Thanks Pookie 🙂

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