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    Water Babies Add Weekend Classes
    Due to High Demand in Waterford & Kilkenny

    Tuesday 22nd May: Water Babies, Ireland’s leading baby swim school which teaches swimming to almost 1,800 babies and toddlers in Ireland every week, is delighted to announce that due to phenomenal demand in the South East, two extra weekend Water Babies classes have been added in Woodlands Hotel, Waterford and the Ormonde Hotel Kilkenny.

    Elaine and George Dunne launched Water Babies classes in Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford at the beginning of May and over 70 babies from the South East, some as young as just a few weeks old, are nowtaking part in the unique swimming classes.

    From Saturday 26th May, Water Babies will commence two additional classes in Waterford and Kilkenny with each course running for 8 weeks. To reserve a place for your baby at a Water Babies class, please call Elaine on 051-397444.

    Woodlands Hotel – Waterford
    9am – 9.30am: Toddlers from 12 months –2 ½ years
    9.30am- 10am: Babies from 12 weeks or over 12lbs and under 12 months

    Ormonde Hotel – Kilkenny
    1.30pm- 2pm: Babies from 12 weeks or over 12lbs and under 12 months
    2pm-2.30pm: Toddlers from 12 months –2 ½ years

    The Water Babies programme, which is designed to make the most of babies’ natural affinity with water, teaches confidence and safety, using specialist techniques that see many swimming short distances from as young as 30 months. Baby swimming is an entirely safe and gentle activity which helps parents bond with their baby while giving them a lifetime’s water confidence and safety skills. Swimming from birth stimulates the brain and develops muscles in a safe, relaxed way and water is a familiar environment that babies love.

    The Water Babies swimming course is very different to traditional swimming lessons – for a start, only warm water pools are used (30° or above) so babies can join classes from birth and immunisations are not required or necessary in order to start classes. The emphasis is on having fun, yet the course is carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week.

    Elaine and George both agree that the best thing about Water Babies is progression! ‘Watching tiny babies just starting out on their swimming journey, to when they’re toddlers and able to do amazing things, is just fantastic,’ Elaine beams. ‘And as a swimmer,’ George adds, ‘the structure that Water Babies brings is just great.’

    In addition to the more serious safety skills, another key focus of the half-hour sessions is enhancing parent/carer and baby bonding and generally having great fun together. “We try hard to create a really sociable, energetic atmosphere” explains Elaine, “and often classes turn into a full morning social, where the after-swim coffee and conversation are as eagerly anticipated as the lessons themselves. With research showing that new mothers are less likely to suffer from post natal depression if they can gain support from their peers, that’s another reason why we’re very proud of what we do.” she added.

    Despite their gentle nature, Water Babies sessions provide a complete physical work-out and studies have also shown that participating babies have improved sleeping and eating patterns, flourishing with the focused attention they receive. “From a developmental point of view, the earlier babies start exercising, the better,” George explains. “The brain grows most rapidly during the first year of a baby’s life and regular exercise plays a vital role. When you consider that every movement they make has a direct impact on strengthening the brain for new learning, you can see how swimming, without the constraints of gravity, is so effective. It’s also very special in that it’s the only structured activity you can do with your newborn literally from birth.”

    The core Water Babies programme lasts one year and is divided into four 10-week terms. Each of the 40 lesson plans are carefully worked out to progress learning and understanding. However, fun is also a key element of the Water Babies’ lessons. And overall, the aim is to provide an enjoyable and stimulating activity for both parent and child.

    To find out more about Water Babies swimming lessons in Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford, please visit http://www.waterbabies.ie

    For further information, images or interviews with Elaine Dunne, please contact:
    Nicola Watkins Public Relations 087-2646858 nicola@nicolawatkinspr.com

    About Elaine & George Dunne
    Husband and wife team, Elaine and George Dunne practically grew up in the water and now spend most of their waking hours in it too! Elaine and George both played Water Polo internationally for Ireland and have swam competitively in Open Sea Swimming and the annual Liffey Swim. Elaine won the Liffey Swim 1995 and George holds the record for the fastest Dublin Bay Swim crossing from Red Rock in Sutton to Dun Laoghaire. He completed the 8.8k open water swim in 2004 in just 2 hours and 15 mins. And now their four children Sean (12), Jennifer (10), Ciaran (8) and Lee (2 ½) are following in their watery footsteps by playing Water Polo competitively.

    Elaine was first introduced to Water Babies while pregnant and qualified as a Water Babies instructor as soon as she could after giving birth to Lee, her fourth child. As well as having completed her nationally accredited in-house training including STA baby and pre-school award, Elaine is a fully qualified Swim Ireland swimming teacher and holds a registered Irish Water Safety Lifeguard award, including infant specialisation. Elaine is personally insured through the STA and the company has full corporate insurance.

    The Dunne family are no strangers to the South East, George & Elaine have had a home in Fethard-on-Sea in Wexford since 2001 so are already a part of the community. George will commence his Water Babies instructors course in June and will join Elaine in the pool as soon as he gets his Water Babies wings – together they can’t wait to bring the joys of Water Babies to the South East!

    About Water Babies
    • Water Babies is the world’s largest baby swim school, teaching more than 28,000 babies each week through a growing network of family businesses across the UK, Ireland and Sydney, Australia
    • On 9th June, Water Babies will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary and over the past decade Water Babies have taught over 125,000 babies to swim with over 4 million individual swims and over 15 million submersions.
    • Having fun and enjoying the water is our primary aim – we never want our Water Babies to actually feel like they’re in a lesson. Most will happily be swimming distances underwater by about 30 months, then naturally start swimming on the surface as their strength increases
    • In the last four years, Water Babies has won five national awards in the UK: Best Swimming Class, Best Baby Development Activity, and Best Baby & Toddler Development Activity 2010 and 2011 with What’s On 4 Little Ones’; and Best Children’s Activity with Tommy’s
    • In 2011, Water Babies raised over €44,000 for Temple Street Hospital. This means that Water Babies reached our goal to purchase a new incubator for St Michael’s B baby ward in Temple Street.

    The core points of difference between Water Babies classes and mainstream baby swimming lessons are:

    o Water Babies teach babies from birth. Two days was our youngest client, but normally they start at around six weeks

    o The course is highly structured, including clear progression, aims and objectives and a detailed lesson plan for each of the 40 weeks

    o We teach without the use floatation devices. This is in order to prevent children developing a false sense of security and because the water naturally supports their body weight

    o Children lack the strength or co-ordination to swim on the surface until at least two years. From birth we enable them to swim short distances underneath, allowing them to move freely without constraints of gravity

    o Being totally happy underwater creates a complete sense of confidence when on the surface

    o All Water Babies instructors must first complete their full mainstream swimming qualifications with either Swim Ireland or Irish Water Safety before commencing the intensive 25 days Water Babies training course. All instructors must also be qualified lifesavers, renewed bi-annually and be Garda vetted.

    Water Babies is the only swim company to have its own in-house, award-winning underwater baby photography unit. Last year,Water Babies took more than 73,000 individual shots

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