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    Last night we brought the Kids over to Funtasia

    I could not believe that the Waterpark is now €11 instead of €9 – Cashing in on Visitors……….. Gone up since 22/June

    And no spectators allowed
    What is going on???

    Who kept this place open over the Winter – Yes the Locals

    I think this is a disagrace….

    Times are hard for Families with out this… / I noticed that Aura have decreased the price of the Family Swim….

    Whats your views on this…..


    Does that mean that parents cannot wait for or watch their kids? Thats a bit out of order!!! And that seems very pricey…mind you, I bet it was still packed!!!


    I was told i couldn’t watch my kids – I needed to go in with them

    Yes there was a bus outside…

    Of course there will be no bus in Nov / Dec


    I think its terrible that the price has gone up…. in time for summer holidays to cash in…

    It was bad enough that they charged a euro to ‘spectate’ before, but not to allow spectators is not right!


    I know its only 2 euro but, was 9 euro not enough to start off with? Its just the fact its over a tenner. A family trip (two Adults and two Kids) would be 44 euro!!!…. a bit irish if you ask me.
    My nephew who goes to school in Naas went to the waterpark on his school trip, so they are cleaning up
    The only thing I will say in there favour is that youno longer only get 1.20 mins and you can stay as long as you like


    i went for a swim to aura with my 5yr old & 2yr old and it was 11 euro for almost an hour. kids had an absolute ball!! so worth it that i enrolled my 5yr old for lessons – 73euro for 10wks…. also we went to newbridge house & farm yesterday in donabate and it was only a tenner in for the 4 of us to walk around the farm. the kids were delighted with themselves! had a coffee & drinks in the coffee shop and snacks and it was only 15euro. or if u wanted to bring a picnic u could do that… also the playground was free.. so i’d pick either of those 2 over funtasia waterpark & dublin zoo anyday…



    Sugar forgot they were taking bookings on Thursday for the current swimming lessons….. I’ll check tomorrow if they have any spaces left, they only take 8 4 year olds at a time

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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