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    My mum put her bin out night before collection as she usually does as the bins collected early…….only half full usually as kids left home now. Had a bag from the kitchen bin on the morning of collection and when she went to put it out the bin was jammed…..with someone elses rubbish. Dad found out whose it was (rented house few doors down) by finding bills etc. and put it in their front garden, in a bag with a note attached asking them to get a bin.

    Then my sister went to take in her green bin and thought strange it wasnt emptied…..turns out the ‘neighbours’ had taken her empty green bin into their garden and put out their full green bin with regular rubbish at her house. The other neighbours black bin wasn’t emptied but turned out the ‘neighbour’ had taken his black bin into their back garden and left their full black bin out……..

    Mean or what….anyone else had this problem. Many people leave bins out night before as companies ask them to do……….sure many are filled during the night……

    Gas thing is that the people who put their rubbish in your bin are not littering because they put it into a private bin, but if you take it out and put it on the side of their house etc. you ARE littering and could be fined.
    How much of this is going on……..Mum only found out because she unusually put out a bag of rubbish on morning of collection……..probably going on with everyone getting rubbish from this family.


    Some people are unreal.Last year on two seperate occasions the sticker was taken off my bin while it was out overnight for the binman.The stickers have our name and address on them and do not come off the bins easily.


    You should contact your provider Im sure they wouldnt take too kindly to this, also ring the litter warden as they cant use your bins etc… Im sure there is something taht can be done.

    My mum lives in Dublin and they get charged by the weight of the bin, mam bought a lock for 70 from the CC, only they can open it. Her bin only goes out every few week and her weight charges are about 70 euro…. her friend who is also an oap and puts her bin out every few weeks too, got a bill of 700!!!!!! She sat up one night and watched her bin and found the really posh wealthy neighbour was filling her bin 😈 😈 😈
    She took a photo of them at her bin and rang the CC and the garda, she might be old but she aint stupid, will let you know what is going to happen if anything


    Litter warden said if they put litter into your bin they are not littering, its in a private bin but not littering.
    However, ……..but if my dad took the litter out and put it outside his bin, he is littering.

    Nothing a litter warden can do…


    Well if thats the case I’d dump there rubbish with their bills/names included…. doesnt matter who dumped the rubbish if its theres they are the ones who will get the fine…. its terrible to think that you would have to go to such extremes but feck them I’d do it


    that’s a joke jesus, i would brain anyone who did that with our bin….

    perhaps your parents may have to do a stakeout….anyway they’d have to prove that your dad took the bag out, if it has the name etc of the neighbour on it they would be the ones fined….

    i’d take the bag if happens again, open it and leave it strewn all over their drive…..

    i have our bin provider sticker on our bin alsothe number of our house on it too in large stickers…..


    an elderly lady i know had her bin put out by her evening carer last week. it is one of the small wheelie bins that they give to older people living alone-the really thin bins..there was feck all in it.. but when her morning carer called next day, the bin was stuffed to bursting and lying on its side on the road.. it makes my blood boil.. 😡 she is in her 80’s and hardly leaves the house..its a shame that people can pick on the vulnerable like that..thanfully, this has never happened to me..the worst that has happened is that me and the girl next door mix our bins up! but as we use the same provider it doesn’t matter.. and if its a thing that i have extra rubbish and she has extra room in her bin, i only have to ask and she puts it in with hers and vice versa..i dont know what has happened to common courtesy.. makes me laugh..sneaking things in to other peoples bins! and you know what? most people wouldnt say no to putting extra rubbish in their bin for a neighbour if they came and asked first..(sorry for ranting!!! 😆 )

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