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    Hi Girls,

    Just having a rant. I was in Scotch Hall on Sunday. Parked as far from the door as possible as the mad parkers tend to park near the door.

    Anyhow, had a very rough night – my poor ds is getting his back teeth and awake half the night. Was wander through Next and the poorlittle fella, decided that he could fit his hand in his mouth to chew on that – puked all over himself.

    Had to go buy him some new clothes beforetaking him home. Got to the car to find, some idiot with a large jeep had parked too close for me to open his door. The same idiot had plenty of space the other side as he/she was at the last space beside the wall.

    I am 7 months pregnant and had to crawl across the back seat with a sick child of 21 months and try and convice him to climb into his seat as mammy could not lift at the funny angle.

    Remember – ladies with babies need space to put them in their seat. Pregnant ladies need even more space!

    Happy Christmas everyone


    Thats my pet hate too….especially when I was pregnant. |ts so hard to put a baby into a car seat and strap them in if you havent got room to open the door properly……personally I think the spaces are so tiny. Made for people driving a car but with no passengers.

    Had the same problem other day. Had to reverse into a spot to leave enough room to get the baby out his side and then realised I could get the baby out but the boot was against the wall and couldnt get the buggy out…..ahhhhh!

    Sometimes feel us mothers are still supposed to be chained to the kitchen sink and not leave the house.



    There are just some people who are just THICK as TWO PLANKS out there… It has happened to me lots of times.. ARE people just blind and don’t see a large car seat and 2 booster seats in the car.. parked beside them..

    If I can’t open the door properly.. and someone has squashed me in… I just bash my car door into their car … shouldn’t really tell ya that one.. So anyone out there who reads this.. make sure you don’t block me in….. and if I meet the person… I have an arguement with them and tell them how I feel.. inconsidered shits… sometimes what is worse is when you are blocked by another parent who has car seats in their car also.. When I park my car I always park in a spot that has plenty of room on each side so I can take the kids out..

    And what is really the worst of it all.. if someone blocks you in and your pregnant also.. Hormone mental time also.. If someone does it to you… and is really inconsiderate… just let down their tyres.. lol !!! They will think twice again !! lol 🙂

    The best laugh I heard on the radio one time was a guy was waiting to pull into a parking space in Liffey Valley and had indicated and waited for the other driver to pull out.. and this other guy just jumped into the space instead … a few words were exchanged and the other guy just ran off… What happened next ??? The guy who initally waited for the space circled and got another space… then went back to the other guys car with his wheel wrench and removed all the bolts from his tyres and threw them all over the place and removed one wheel also.. and left the car on a jack…hehe…
    Now that is what I call pay back !!!!


    This happened to me when i was pregnant. when i got back to my car at 8 months pregnant, i couldn’t even walk between the cars as a guy in a jeep had parked too close. i wasn’t able to climb accross from passangers seat, so just had to sit & wait for hm to come back. When he came back he just laughed at my predicament!!! He said that he knew the space was tight but he hadn’t considered a pregnant person trying to fit it. He kept laughing – i didn’t think it was funny.


    well i am sorry to say this but it seems other women are worst culprits to me…the amount of women i have seen park in mother & child spaces wiv no child in car!! and scotch hall…women swearing and glaring at me if i so much as dither for a second…thats my rant anyway…

    ..why people cant be more considerate of others makes me so angry…


    Yes, Moonflower – that really annoys me too. Though I don’t park in the mother and baby spaces in scotch hall – they are way too narrow and always full. I try to park in the area at the top of the ramp or way off down the other end away from everyone – they are generally too lazy to walk unless that is the only space.


    Really like that one about letting the air out of tires!!! I have often felt like taking my key to other peoples car but have never actually stooped that low. We all laugh at my sister who has actually left notes on peoples car before – I might tell her about letting the air out then she can leave a note to explain why she did it 😀

    My big gripe is people parking on the pavement when I am trying to get by with my buggy – I’ve often had to wheel the baby out onto the road just to get by. This really makes my blood boil and then I daydream about scratching their paint work 😡


    Oh yes, I really hate that. It is also illegal to park on footpaths – so you could actually report them and either the gardai or the traffice wardens could do something about it!


    A builder parked right up to my car when I was 8 months pregnant on ds1, I was to do a delivery before I finished work and then to OLOL for an appointment…. I found the cheeky git and he told me to climb in the passenger seat, I let rip at him and called him all the names under the sun!!! I told him I didnt get out of my car that way and I wasnt getting back in that way…. Stupid man

    I did have a posh asshole rob my space in St Stephens Green car park (about 15 years ago) I beeped and his blonde girlfriend wished me happy xmas and laughed in my face about looking for another spot (It took me about 20 mins to find the space and he flew up the wrong way to get in while the woman was backing out) I found another spot and went down and took the dust caps off his wheels and let the air out of all 4 tyres, I left a note "Happy Fucking Christmas to you too" 😳 😳 😳 😳 I did feel bad for doing this but it made me feel 100 times better 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    I like it – gave me a good laugh. I would never let the air out of anyones tires – more afraid of getting caught than anything else. I did write all over the dirt on the car with my finger telling the muppet to leave space.

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