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    Is there really such thing as wipe clean paint? I thought we had it in our kitchen (it said so on the tin) but today when I tried to clean pencil and marker off, there was no budging it! I was on my hands & knees with a basin of soapy water and there was no getting it off.

    So, I did what I had to and pulled out what was ‘left over’ in the original tin of paint from the garage to do a few cover ups.

    That was 4 hours ago – what started as few touch ups, ended with me nearly repainting the whole kitchen!

    Am so knackered now and had my heart set on a hot bath – but alas, our bloody boiler has just conked out again so the lovely idea I had about sinking into a warm bath to get the paint off me, ain’t gonna happen.

    Damn damn damn!!!! :evil: :evil:


    haven’t tried to wash pencil etc off but i think it’s more geared for food type thing….. i know the stuff we have in the kitchen if food gets slpashed on it as it did especially when the girls were babies it just wipes off …..my kitchen needs a lick of paint badly. DH did our hall earlier in the year but thanks to my darling daughters running their grubby hands up the wall as they’re going up & down the stairs it looks like it needs it again


    I don’t think it does exist!

    Thats what we mainly get too and its very hard to get marks off it!


    Well, have to say, it looks lovely now in the light of day and I am glad I took out the paint to freshen it up. I did not realise it was so grubby until I re-painted it. It looks so nice now….I wonder how long it will last 🙄


    there’s durable paint, but I’ve found vinyl sheen is good for wiping clean…
    kids they are a diy disaster…lol


    They got the walls in the living room as well but I can cover that with the curtains so not painting that for a while! I think with small children, you could easily paint every few months. Dirty little scamps!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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